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During this global crisis, we are all in the same place: wondering what to do next. The Global Events Community welcomes all questions during this challenging time, so that we can find the answers together. 

Stay tuned as we will be interviewing Event Icons to hear what they think the future holds. We want to hear from you about how you are managing and what are your challenges and questions in this unprecedented times. 

If you would like to submit any questions or have a link to a good site with questions and answers, please email them to The GEC and they will be added to this page.

Please note that this page will be updated regularly. 

Questions and Answers

Q: It’s been 6 months and I still don’t have any events to plan. What should I do now?

Collaboration is so important during these trying times. Call up event professionals in your network and tell them that you are available for work and willing to do anything to keep your hand in the game. Often, you may need to shift your skill level to another task, but at least you will be surrounded by professionals in the event industry. And who knows what opportunities might come up!

Q: What is the first thing you should do for your Event Business during the crisis?

Prepare a working budget for your company to last until the fall, so that your company maintains a positive cash flow. Be realistic and be smart. It’s better to plan for the worst and then have things turn out better, sooner.

Q: What sorts of things should my company be doing if I am an Event Planner and I do not have any events to plan?

It’s a great time to revamp your marketing strategies, update your website, write blogs and complete those back burner projects that we never have time for. 

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