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As Event Planners we are the supporters, the creators, the solution providers and the ‘get it done’ people. In these challenging times we need to take the opportunity to look after ourselves. Now we have added stress of loss of business and time on our hands to think about it. Keeping in touch and offering support during isolation is so important. We can all do better at taking care of ourselves and the time is NOW. We have gathered some information and resources to help you focus on wellness and your mental health.  

If you have any good resources or wellness tips to share, please email them to The GEC and they will be added to this page.

Please note that this page will be updated regularly. 

Mind and Body Wellness Options

Dark Noise, an iOS app, is a repository of high-quality background noises that includes white noise, rain, campfires and more than 30 others. It usually costs $3.99 in the App Store, but the TestFlight beta is now free during the coronavirus crisis. “Maybe it’ll help people cope if they can simulate the sound of an office space or coffee shop while stuck in their homes,” developer Charlie Chapman said on Twitter. You can join for free here.

Down Dog Yoga App  Always wanted to try yoga to experienced yoga offering several levels and free until April 1.  

Event Psychology a collection of various materials on how to apply psychology and behavioral science to event planning. An event psychology approach has plenty of benefits.

Hello Magazine Wellness Apps 13 of the best wellness apps to download

Jamie Oliver Recipes   A fantastic selection of easy, healthy recipes

Mindfulness: How to Protect Your Energy During COVID-19

Mindfulness Meditation with Dr. Aditi Nerurkar – good introduction to mindful meditation

One Important Recommendation You May Not be Hearing

Planet Fitness is offering free daily home workouts streamed live on Facebook at 4 p.m. PT/7 p.m. ET. The company’s app for iOS, which contains hundreds of workouts, is also free for download.

The 7 Best Walking Apps to Help You Track Your Steps and Get in Shape  Take a walk and track your progress.

Working From Home Now? A Therapist’s Advice on Maintaining Healthy Family Relationships Relationship therapist Megan Bearce discusses how those suddenly working from home can keep their family relationships healthy while everyone’s cooped up during the coronavirus crisis.

Why Outbreaks Like Coronavirus Spread Exponetionally, and How to “Flatten the Curve”

Y Thrive Home While certainly not the same experience, here is a link to some of the Y’s fitness videos.

Mental Health Resources

CAMH Mental Health and COVID 19 

COVID-19 and Mental Health at Work

It’s Okay to feel sad about the loss of travel 

I Should Have Hugged You Longer The Last Time I Saw You

Manage Anxiety and Stress

Resources to help mental health and COVID-19 protect your health, safety and well-being during COVID-19

The Loop – Health Wellness 10 mental health resources you never knew you had

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