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Nice invitation for garden parties
1. INVITATIONS: It is best to email or mail a “SAVE THE DATE” announcement 6 weeks in advance.  This gives your guests time to plan for the event in advance.  Email or mail the actual invitation 3 weeks in advance.  Nowadays, most invitations are digital, although it’s still nice to get a hard copy of the invitation in the mail. It provides a reminder to guests, as well as having all pertinent information such as address, time, dress, etc. A hard copy invite can be useful for guests to take to with them to the event. It’s also worthwhile to send a reminder email the week of the event, in case people have forgotten about the event.
2. THEME: It is best to add a theme to your event. It adds a cohesiveness to the entire event experience. The theme could be just your corporate colours, or it could be an actual theme – such as Rock N roll BBQ, Mad Hatter Tea Party, or our popular Feeling Groovy Barbecue.  The theme should be visible in every aspect and “pull” the event together.
3.  FOOD AND BEVERAGES: The type of food you serve at your Garden Party will depend on the theme, but will also depend on the event time, location, and event agenda. If your guests are arriving at various times, it is best to incorporate food stations to accommodate this.  The food choices should be easy to eat and presented in an appealing and creative way. We encourage all of our clients to use china which is much nicer and more sustainable than disposable dinnerware.
4. TENT RENTAL: Even if the weather is good, a tent on site is protection against unexpected rain and the hot sun. We always recommend including café walls, which can easily be put on if there is a sudden threat of rain.  Another great idea is to order a completely clear tent. These are quite new and allow lots of light to stream into the interior. Adding a floor on top of unstable ground is a good idea if your guests are wearing high heel shoes.
5.  ACTIVITIES: This is an area our clients sometimes find challenging. What kind of activity should I add to my Garden Party? I always answer this question with another question. Who are your guests and what is your event objective? Old fashioned games such as lawn bowling, croquet, and horseshoes are always popular and are a great fit for the garden party theme if your guest profile is compatible.  We suggest our customized Gardening Green event – an ideal activity for your Garden Party.
6.  GUEST GIFTS: I think that guest gifts are ALWAYS a good idea. If guests leave the event with a memento of the great event they attended, the memory continues on long after the event. At our Gardening Green Summer Event the activity also did double duty as a take home gift. Guests enjoyed planting their own basket of plants for a fun contest and then took it home as an event gift.

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