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Village Decor for holiday staff party

When our client approached us looking for help planning their Christmas Carol-themed holiday staff party, we took upon this challenge with eagerness and excitement. Our client loved the classic holiday movie and the overall theme of transformation towards kindness that the main character, Ebenezer Scrooge, undertakes.

Initial Steps

One of the first steps when planning your holiday staff party with Bright Ideas Event Agency is determining your goals and objectives for the event. For this Christmas carol-themed party, our client wanted the event to focus on the traditional aspects of Christmas, emphasizing the joyful feeling of the holidays and all that is good. 

Once our client set these goals and objectives, our team designed an engaging and interactive themed event. Our main objective was to create an event that embodies our client’s goals through the seating plan, décor design, menu planning, activities and entertainment. Our team carefully scrutinized each decision to ensure that it was in line with the festive generosity of the spirit of Christmas. 

Holiday Staff Party Event Design

We established our event design for this holiday staff party by incorporating important elements of the event goals and then delivered it in a fun, imaginative and inviting way. So, we designed our own European Village that mimicked the London setting of the Christmas Carol movie. We wanted to create a warm and welcoming environment for the guests to feel like they were in a friend’s living room at Christmas.

Costumed Carollers greeted guests with festive songs upon arrival at the event. We also enlisted Scrooge and a flock of character actors to entice guests to explore and engage in the themed environment. Within the village, guests enjoyed various food stations, activities and entertainment. In addition, we designed respective regions to represent the past, present and future portrayed in the movie. 

The Past

The past region was inspired by previous holiday staff parties of this company. For this, we incorporated casino tables and prizes within a library scene. Rustic and aged decor was used to accentuate the past with oak tables, lanterns, fireplaces and metal accents.

The Present

In the present region, an engaging and interactive screen test station was set up where guests could act out scenes from the movie. Guests donned costumes, and a director captured it all on film. Afterwards, we transferred the filmed scenes to a souvenir flash drive that guests took home as gifts. It was one of the event’s highlights, as guests could share their Screen Test afterwards at home with their family and reminisce about the event. 

The Future

The future region featured futuristic decor and entertainment, including a fortune teller and a virtual reality station. Luxurious burgundy draping was used to separate this area from the village setting.

Event Success

One of our favourite aspects of this holiday staff party was a unique contest to keep guests engaged and exploring. The ‘Spirit of Christmas Challenge’ was a contest spearheaded by the actors, encouraging guests to visit all sections of the village and win prizes. Guests were given Christmas cards and encouraged to collect stickers to enter their names in a draw throughout the evening. 

The most rewarding part of this holiday staff party was when our client tracked us down mid-event to share his absolute satisfaction with the event. Our client loved the customized village setting and the freedom it offered guests to wander and explore with the actors. He appreciated the way guests felt valued and were treated as family members, and most of all, the event resonated with the core values of the company. He remarked, “It was exactly what I envisioned. This time, you knocked it out of the ballpark!”  

It was an absolute blast producing this uniquely themed holiday staff party for our client. Every detail was thoughtfully planned and customized from design to implementation for our client’s goals. Check out more photos of this event here and our event highlight video!  If you want to plan a holiday staff party and need some help, we’d love to speak with you! Send us an inquiry form to get a free quote!

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