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Christmas themed macaroons

This year marks the return of the office Christmas party! With 2022 being the first year that in-person Christmas parties are allowed since 2019, we wanted to provide you with some fun office Christmas party ideas to get your guests excited!

With the return of in-person events, Christmas parties this year are all about community and bringing people together. We recommend that you focus on the guest experience and provide opportunities for attendees to gather in groups to celebrate. It’s time to bring on the warm and cozy Christmas feelings!

Office Christmas Party Decoration Ideas

Office Christmas party decorations

Natural Centerpieces

Go natural with your office Christmas party decor! We love it when our clients take inspiration from the holiday season and incorporate it into their centrepieces. A great example is this simple arrangement that uses burlap material combined with natural winter forest elements such as holly, berries and pinecones. A simple floating candle can also create impressive lighting effects.

Corporate Christmas Party Bar

Winter Bar

Winter is an excellent theme for your office Christmas party that suits all audiences! We recommend incorporating the magic of winter into your décor by drawing on traditional elements like snow and trees. For example, this winter-themed bar included birch trees built into the bar and lit with warm candle lighting. This decor idea gives a classy Christmas feel without being obvious and intrusive.

Ice throne

Ice Throne

Guest love photo opportunities like this ice throne! Photo opportunities can be a fun way to get people involved; they are also a great branding opportunity! This ice throne can easily be matched with an ice bar or ice sculpture in your company’s branding. 

We recommend implementing a few photo opportunities that encourage your guests to share the event on social media.

Christmas Party Food Ideas

hot cocoa station decor

Hot Cocoa Station

One of our favourite office Christmas party ideas is festive food and drink stations! This hot cocoa stand will help you offer your guests winter warmers and themed food favourites.

This is a fantastic idea for events during the day, and that is family-friendly. However, you could also offer adult alternatives such as eggnog, mulled wine, hot buttered rum or cranberry punch to give extra Christmas cheer.

unique office Christmas party idea for food

Food Art Dessert Bar

This stunning idea from Chef Burke Conley turns an up-lit dessert table into a work of art that attendees can enjoy as both décor and treats.  

For all of your event planners, please be warned it is so artistic that you might find guests don’t want to disturb the display. The addition of the LED up-lighting helps make it more appealing and highlights this food station’s artistic design.

We recommend having an attendant positioned at this station to help encourage guests to dive into the food station while maintaining its aesthetics.

unique office Christmas party idea for food

French Fry Bar

A simple idea that is always a crowd pleaser is a French fry bar! Consider offering small portions of French fries that can be easier to eat and are provided in branded disposable containers. 

Some fun ways to spruce up this comfort food include offering yam fries and fun dips for guests to enjoy.

Decorated dessert coconuts

Make Your Own Coconut Station

We love this fun and unique office Christmas party idea! Guests are offered personalized coconuts as bowls, where they then top them with sweet treats and goodies at this interesting food station. This is an excellent unique branding or sponsorship opportunity that also leaves guests with a keepsake after the event.

We recommend having a contest to see who decorates the best bowl and encourage sharing on social media!

Have a contest to see who decorates it the best.

Office Christmas Party Activity Ideas

Office Christmas party idea for activities

Snow Globe Fun

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be INSIDE a snow globe? 

This is the perfect chance to find out and create a photo opportunity for your event that will be a big hit!

This inflatable snow globe also offers branding and sponsorship opportunities and has snow blown inside for that falling effect in the photos.

Christmas stockings

Stocking Guessing Game

This fun office Christmas party idea will get your guests involved. Surprise your guests with Christmas stockings full of odd objects and have them guess what’s inside the stockings. Players can feel the stocking but cannot look inside. Each player gets 3 guesses, and the person with the most correct guesses wins the stocking.

Homemade Christmas card

Christmas Card Crafts

Have guests bring new or old Christmas cards to create a fun Christmas card project! 

Whether it is a collage or making ornaments out of Christmas cards, this is a fun way to get guests involved in an activity. Have a staff member lead this activity and encourage guests to use old cards to create new Holiday cards.

Whatever you decide to do for your Christmas event or party, remember that sometimes less is more to create a classy and elegant affair. Using traditional elements from the holiday season can add nostalgia and make it a memorable party. We hope you liked these fun office Christmas party ideas that will get your guests excited! Be sure to check out our Portfolio for more office Christmas party ideas!

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