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Lighting is crucial. Whether you are orchestrating a large scale production or a small VIP event, setting the perfect atmosphere is vital to communicating your theme to your audience. High-quality, theme-appropriate decorative lighting makes all the difference to your environment. If correctly placed, it ties together all elements and components of an event (seating, slideshow presentation, performers, sound, décor, etc.) while giving it depth and intended ambiance.

Luckily, you don’t have to burden yourself with all-things-light anymore and can trust a team of experts with sprucing up your venue by using different types of lights and special effects.

At Bright Ideas Events we have the experience, knowledge and creative talent to turn your vision into reality by using the right creative lighting tricks and tools. Manipulating lighting, so it will fabulously transform your event from ordinary to spectacular is one of the things we can do to create the “WOW” factor.

If you are looking to give your event a unique flair by relying on the power of light for effect, here are some of the examples of our work that’ll help you understand why our returning clients trust us like they do.

The Roaring 20s

The flappers make everything more exotic (even if it’s just a costume) and to enhance the dramatic tone of the era, we used a combination of illuminating lights, mood lights, and enough focus lights to attract everyone’s attention to the 1920s theme decor. To create the perfect ambiance, we made sure the lights highlighted the Roaring Twenties vignettes, especially the brick wall. 

We created such an atmosphere that everyone present was quickly transported into the world of Great Gatsby, Hemingway and Speakeasy.

Mumbai Delight

With theme celebrations like Mumbai delight, mood, event, and focus lighting is everything. Our lighting professionals included vibrant colors of India, authentic Indian entertainers, and the infectious Bhangra music as the basis for the lighting inspiration to create this unforgettable exotic event.

Bright Ideas has the experience and expertise to design and install the ideal lighting that inspires guests to enjoy and take note of even the smallest details at your event.

Circus Circus

Everyone knows that to create the perfect Vegas style party means the abundance of glitz, glam, opulent extravaganza and lavishness. Combine theme inspired props with exotic lighting and you get a unique Vegas-inspired event that you won’t soon forget! Our Bright Ideas lighting experts create a breathtaking atmosphere for our specialty themed events by using different color up-lighting, gobos and unique dramatic effects.

Our lighting designs evoke emotions and garner the attention of everyone present at our themed events.

Bright Ideas Events is a multi-award winning Event Production Company and your guests will know it from our intricate lighting designs. Our in-house experts are professionals in everything from the right type of themed lighting select to choosing the appropriate decor to detailed event organization.

We love a challenge and we know how to turn your vision into a reality. Call us today for a free quote!


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