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Venue: A Gym No More!

Whoever said a regular venue, a  community center gymnasium, couldn’t be transformed into a gorgeous dining area has never worked with Bright Ideas Events.

When we were first presented with the challenging task our client had in store for us, we immediately recognized an opportunity to challenge ourselves into creating a spectacular, sizzling event everyone would talk about for a long time. The event was an engagement party and the couple wanted to do it in Miami.  Unfortunately, it was physically impossible for them to go to Florida, so the next best thing was to bring the taste of the exotic South Beach to Vancouver, British Columbia. They entrusted us with the task and boy did we deliver – ask everyone who attended the couple’s Purple Spring Celebration!

Nothing brings people together better than love. Pair that with fabulous decorations and a dazzling atmosphere designed and executed in their honour, and you get a venue that is completely transformed and a couple that’s transported over the moon!

Personalized Service

In agreement with the happy couple, Bright Ideas decided to provide a sophisticated vibe that relied on white and purple tones for the base decoration, with drapes, ambient lighting, opulent fresh flower centerpieces and side flower decorations for an added luxury feel. Massive, lavish white drapes hung from the previously dull, walls to give the space an element of richness and class. We made sure that the tables were decorated in the same manner to complete the idea of high end elegance.

At the Photo Station, personalized props were used, like “I’m not drunk,” “Dislike,” OMG!,” and “I’m so drunk”. Juxtaposed with the elegance of the night, they added a cheerful and youthful outlet which thrilled the guests! The couple’s names, written in customized purple neon letters, brought an extra youthful, exciting element to the party, while still keeping the overall décor chic attractive while still on theme. Ambient lighting in the same purple gave the previously flat space an exotic flair and made the atmosphere sizzle with luxury and delight!

But, that’s not all – a fire dancer outside the venue was unique, spectacular and utterly unexpected! The future bride and groom loved it as did everyone else!

Deliciousness Overload

Being mindful of the couple’s background, Bright Ideas incorporated first class gourmet Indian cuisine and provided a feast for all senses. In our usual style, we made sure the food not only tasted delicious, but it looked ‘Instagram’ ready at every moment during the night! We paired up with top-notch waiters who made sure the guests’ glasses and tummies were always topped up and full. A total hit of the night was the couple’s signature drink – Purple Rain with gin, cranberry juice and blue curacao liqueur served in a LED purple martini glass.  At the end of the night, everyrone went home with a lot of memories they’ll carry for the rest of their lives – and there’s nothing more we could ask for!

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Bright Ideas Events is a company of event professionals who take our job seriously. We have the perfect team to transform even the most plain of rooms into palace-like spaces, chefs that design fabulously tasty menus and event organizers that don’t leave anything to chance. With us, all you need to do is have an idea, and we’ll turn it into a reality.

If you are looking to throw an award winning event, give us a call – we’ll make sure it’s an unforgettable one!


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