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Organizing your corporate Christmas party is no walk in the park. So, when you have a social committee to help with the planning, things should go smoothly right? That’s not always the case!

The holidays can be a busy time for many companies thus, your social committee may require some extra help with the planning process. That’s where Bright Ideas Events is here to help and step in to provide event consulting assistance for your holiday party!

The Event

Our client was planning their annual corporate Christmas party at The ACT Arts Centre in Maple Ridge, BC. After booking the venue and becoming too busy to continue on, the small social committee reached out for help.

Quick Facts

  • 120 guests
  • A small social committee in charge of the event
  • Venue booked prior to hiring Bright Ideas
  • No other vendors confirmed prior to Bright Ideas assisting
  • Event Consulting Services 

The Issue

Prior to bringing Bright Ideas onboard for this corporate Christmas party, the client had booked the venue. However, the social committee had not yet reached out to additional vendors. With a limited amount of time to inquire, book, manage and liaise with the vendor team we had quite the job ahead of us.

On the morning of event day, an additional challenge arose when more guests RSVP’d than originally planned for. So, our team adjusted the floor plan and increased rentals to accommodate for the increase in guest count.

The Objective 

The goal of this event was to create a classy corporate event where everything is booked, managed and ready to go the night of the event. Our client also wanted a traditional Christmas decor theme for all guests to enjoy.

How The Objective Was Achieved

Our team sat down with the planning committee for an initial consultation call, during this call we determined areas where further support was needed. We worked with one contact person who was a representative of the social committee for the remaining planning and execution of the event.

Our team stepped in and managed the overall event design and logistics of this corporate Christmas party. We incorporated the client’s request for traditional Christmas decor into the event design, creative design (save the date announcements, invitations, etc) and drafted up proposals and floorplans for such. Next, we designed a custom production schedule to accommodate for the multiple aspects of the event.

With the limited capacity of the social committee, Bright Ideas Event became the primary contact with the venue and managed any ongoing details.

During the consultation process, we proposed decor and floral designs to pair with the traditional Christmas theme. Once a final design was approved we sourced the appropriate vendors accordingly. Our team provided further assistance with rentals by providing a complete list of required items for each aspect of the event. 

Furthermore, we helped our client with sourcing entertainment and activities that all guests would enjoy. This included booking a disc jockey, photo booth and other interactive games that encouraged guests to mingle.

To alleviate stress from the social committee, our team managed the contracts, payments, set up and delivery requirements for all of the above aspects, thus ensuring smooth execution of the evening.

The Results

After some quick thinking of having more guests RSVP than planned, we considered this a testament to how well the event went off. The members of the company were so eager to attend this year’s Christmas party that they didn’t want to miss out!

We were able to take the weight of planning and executing our client’s corporate Christmas party off the social committee so that all guests could enjoy the event.

In Conclusion

Thanks to our over 30 years of experience planning events, our team isn’t afraid of a little challenge! With the client opting for help through our event consulting services, we were able to pull together a complete list of vendors to help bring the vision of this classy corporate Christmas party to life. Bright Ideas Events was able to execute and manage the event and ensure that all guests including committee members enjoyed themselves.

If you have an event that you are planning and would like some assistance with, be sure to contact us to see if our event consulting services are right for you!

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