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As the year comes to an end we look ahead into 2022 and what event industry trends we are predicting. From hybrids events to event consulting follow along as this team of event producers shares their 2022 event industry predictions.

Are you ready for the age of Event Experiences?

Like most event planners you are most likely planning your team’s event management strategy for 2022 and you want to know what event industry trends to look out for. It is no surprise that events have been in limbo for almost two years. Our clients are constantly grappling with questions about whether to plan a virtual, hybrid or in-person event. That’s why we are sharing our top reasons why hybrid events will be one of the top event industry trends to keep your eye on in 2022.

In 2022 we want to introduce you to the age of event experiences! According to the latest event research, in-person events will overtake virtual events in popularity by the end of 2022. However, a hybrid event model will be most successful going forward, as it combines both online and offline options for attendees. It is likely to be the most effective way to support and engage prospects and current customers moving forward as the pandemic subsides. In 2021, many clients decided to pivot at the last minute, leading to events that were less than stellar and poorly executed. Moving forward, we want to help you plan ahead so that you are confident with your event plan!

Are Hybrid Events Becoming The “New Normal”?

While studies have found that the majority of people still favor virtual events, there’s a growing hunger to get back to in-person events. However, events will need to be hybrid – online and in-person – if you want to appeal to the masses.  

Though in-person events are rated and valued highly, the majority of respondents still will not travel internationally for an in-person event – so businesses will need to offer flexibility and localize their event strategy. You will need to provide various options for attendance to ensure you reach the widest possible audience.

When considering this event industry trend in 2022 there are two key factors to consider. Ensuring your guests are ‘face-to-face networking’ and receive the ‘interactivity’ level that is missed from in-person events. The “connection” elements where people can interact easily with one another can be the hardest to recreate virtually. However, with hybrid events it is a near-certainty. As we move to hybrid events, your virtual event technology will need to be able to support these growing needs. That is why investing in software and platforms that can provide this level of connection will pay dividends when it comes to the event experience.

As not all attendees will be comfortable attending in-person events, event planners will need to consider the mixed needs of audiences in 2022. That is why hybrid events offer the best-case scenario for the maximum number of attendees. The events that will shine in the future are the ones that can find smart and direct ways to connect the offline event experience with online attendees to create a memorable, deep event experience.

With the rise of hybrid events being the most popular trend to look out for, we wanted to bring attention to a few other important event industry trends we are predicting for 2022.

Sharon Bonner’s 2022 Event Trend Predictions

1. Virtual events are here to stay
2. Hybrid events will be most popular 
3. In person events will become more of a VIP experience
4. Event Consulting Services will increase by 50%
5. Event safety and cleanliness will never go away which is good
6. More event producers will be leaving the industry due to overall reduced number of events

By working with a certified event professional you will get ahead of these trends and set yourself up for smooth delivery of your event experience. Let us help craft your custom event experience for your 2022 corporate event! Book your FREE consultation call to get started!

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