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Are you a Good Leader?

As one of the most high-energy and fast-paced sectors, it takes exceptional people to be a good leader in the events industry. Therefore, it takes someone with extraordinary talent and skill to be at the helm of planning an event.

Here’s what it takes to be a good leader in the exciting, yet often volatile world of event planning.

Cool, Calm, and Collected

With the many problems and challenges that event planners face, they look for strong leaders who will guide the way. They want someone whom they can trust to make big decisions. So even if there’s a crisis, as a good leader, you need to stay calm and level-headed under pressure. The team will follow your example.

Communicate Clearly

Clarity can only be established through clear communication. It helps everyone stay on track and ensures that all those involved are aligned with the mission. Therefore, you need to have excellent people skills and should be comfortable connecting with everyone – from high-level executives and their staff to vendors and sponsors.

Good communicators are also great listeners. They make it a point to understand their clients’ needs thoroughly so that they can meet unique expectations and deliver expertly customized results. As a leader, you would also need to listen to the people on your team; pay attention to your teammates, as they each have something unique to bring to the table.


The events planning team will look to you for inspiration. You need the confidence to take control and make final decisions when everyone is at odds.

Good leaders also need the self-confidence and humility to do the little jobs when necessary, even if this means cleaning up and other tedious, manual tasks.

Being a good leader is more than dictating what needs to be done; it involves making choices that motivate the team and build their morale. Therefore, a good leader also needs to have the confidence to turn to others for their input when it comes to making it through times of crisis and hesitation.


In a perfect world, events would go off without a hitch. However, even the most seemingly perfect events have duct tape holding them up, and only the people behind the scenes know about it.

As a leader, you need to be resourceful and find creative solutions when things don’t go as planned – even if it means doubling as servers when the caterers are suddenly understaffed.

Coordination Skills

Approach good leadership in the events industry as a general contractor would when dealing with subcontractors. While general contractors have a background in the various areas of construction, it doesn’t mean they’re expertly skilled at everything – that’s what the subcontractors are for.

It’s the same in event planning world. The leader brings in people who are experts in their own areas such as venue decorators, catering, audio and visual, and those who can expertly execute the theme. Therefore, for the most successful events, you need to bring in the best teams. Because while you may have extensive management skills in event leadership and management, the teams you bring in will have the specialized expertise that will complement your efforts.

At Bright Ideas Events, our leadership strengths lie in experience, innovation, and a meticulous approach to event planning and production. If you’re planning on throwing an event, let Bright Ideas Events guide you through the planning of an award winning successful event.



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