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In the event industry, corporate Christmas parties and celebrations are both familiar and challenging at the same time. As a family holiday, Christmas has a particular spirit that an event planner needs to capture.

However, when everyone is doing the same thing and organizing similar events that can take the joy out of the occasion and bring in repetitiveness and boredom. So how does one innovate organizing events for holidays like Christmas? Here are some unique theme ideas for Christmas that you might find inspiring:

Christmas in Hawaii

Novelty is an integral part of unique themes, and there is a certain charm in experiencing new things. For some of the employees at a corporate Christmas party, that might mean a tropical Christmas celebration. Look to the islands for inspiration and incorporate some of their traditions and decorations into the Christmas in Hawaii theme.

They use the poinsettia plant to make wreaths on the islands of Hawaii. While the spirit is decidedly Christmas-y, with the lights, Christmas trees and Santas, the mild weather and traditional decorations give it a unique mixed flavor.

Around the World

But why stop at the Hawaii theme? If you wanted, you could incorporate other places and their traditions in the Around the World theme, primarily if attendees are hailing from different parts of the globe.

An event centered on celebrating differences could be just what your corporate environment needs to be weaved closer together. It builds team spirit and camaraderie, which is what makes it particularly attractive for a corporate event theme.

Winter Wonderland

Snowy Christmas has a certain magic to it that an event can replicate in a theme. Even though creating a Winter Wonderland event for Christmas is not a novel concept, it allows for a lot of creativity in it’s’ interpretation.

The main impact will be in the details: snowflake lights, fluffy white decorations, and a Winter Wonderland drink menu with options such as mulled wine, hot cocoa or cider could help the success of the theme. Of course, the ideas are up to you!

Christmas Masquerade

For a fun-filled event that takes some effort, organize a Christmas masquerade and ensure a carnival-like atmosphere. The best part about this idea is that you can go as quirky as you wish.

It might be a theme better suited for creative types, as it would require attending with a mask. Focus the event on dancing, games and dazzling decorations. It’s bound to be a hit.

Chocolate Factory

A candy-themed event may seem frivolous for a corporate setting, but it will depend on how well you execute it. Creating a chocolate factory vibe can pay off owing to the simple fact that sweets and desserts are always party favorites. Go crazy with candies, colors, and engaging activities to bring the Christmas spirit out and ensure everyone has a good time.

When you want to organize a holiday event with a unique theme, it’s important to remember that the planner’s personal touch is what will set it apart. Don’t be afraid to give it some of your own unique flair and have fun with it.

If you need help planning a unique Corporate Holiday Event, feel free to contact us here at Bright Ideas Events. We’ll be happy to put our expertise at your service.

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