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Big  Top Celebration. Some parties you have to go to, and if you don’t – you have to let yourself enjoy the documented visuals that testify of the grandiose feel you’d missed. If you didn’t attend the International Live Events Society annual event, you missed a first-prize dazzling spectacle, awarding Bright Ideas Ltd honors for the best creativity and dazzling décor design in Big Top Celebration. What makes this prize even more valuable is the fact we’ve been voted winners by our industry peers! We were, and still are – honored.

Colors and Décor

Apart from being entirely on top of the Circus theme task, our team knew that “simple” doesn’t cut it anymore. After all, no one is looking to attend one of the same theme parties at a different location all over again, right? It is why we’ve gone out of our way (like we always do) and organized such an innovative, state-of-the-art event that the attendees are still talking about (no, we’re not bragging!).

In setting up everything for the event, we were thoughtful about the choice of colors and overall décor, as we wanted it to be evocative of all-things-circus. Screaming reds, purple and gold with dim lighting for the whimsy circus atmosphere added to the overall theme intensity and beauty. The idea was to create an experience that guests had never experienced before and we managed to do that!

Props, Food, and the Atmosphere

The stunning body art, the half man-half women actor brought intrigue and thought-provoking drama to the event.

The large photo frame op was one of our best highlights, among plenty of other exciting elements.

The main buffet table at the Big Top Celebration was decorated with unique cards, red feathers and golden and purple props sure added an exotic element to the overall feel!

Although a circus theme is expected to be overwhelmed with larger than life props, we made sure things remained tastefully exaggerated and memorable.

A wide variety of culinary delights and treats were the most prominent high point for all the foodies that came to the party while exotic entertainers in the cage grabbed everyone’s attention.

Final Thoughts

With excellent attention to detail in the food & beverage department, careful planning of the Circus activities, décor and overall entertainment, we wowed everyone present. Whenever we’re throwing a party – whether it’s for one of our top clients or a new client, we design it with thoughtful specifics in mind, making sure each approach is different, fresh and unseen before. With a skilled Event Producer who knows how to help you turn your event into an unforgettable experience, all you have to do is give your final say, show up and enjoy!

Anyone can throw a party but to throw a memorable one you need experience, an eye for the best presentation and, you need to know what your client is expecting. At Bright Ideas Ltd we make sure the client’s requests are exceeded!

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