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Caring Connections cards for the event industry

What is Caring Connections?

Caring Connections is a custom stationery line that is designed BY event
professionals FOR the event industry.

Founded by Sharon Bonner, CEO of Bright Ideas Event Agency, Caring Connections was launched in
October 2020. Sharon created Caring Connections with the intention to deliver some light in the darkness of the
pandemic. She designed these event messages with the devastation to the event industry in mind. The intention was to
create cards that would be sent to your network to show that you are thinking of them and that you care.

It started in March of 2020 when all in-person events were cancelled due to the pandemic and
most event professionals saw their revenue reduced significantly. Having been in the event industry for over three
decades, Sharon knew the impact that this would have on her colleagues. For Bright Ideas, relationships and
connections with clients, colleagues, and vendors are the foundation of events.

The event industry has truly been a second family for me; a comforting place to call home. If I can leave
this community stronger and more resilient than I found it, then I know that I have done my job. It was all
worth it. 
– Sharon Bonner

A look inside the Caring Connections card series

With five different card lines in the greeting card series, there is a card for every
occasion. Here is an overview of the lines available:

Co-vid Caring

These cards speak to hope, recovery, resilience, courage, determination and commitment that is
needed to forge forward when things look bleak. This was the first line developed with support and caring at the
forefront of the messages. Check out the Co-vid Caring line here!

Caring Connections Covid Caring

Partner Praise

Event partners, team members or colleagues in any business are the foundation for success. It
is critical to have partners who are dedicated, supportive and contribute to a common goal. Often these people are
in the background and not given the thanks that they deserve. This line was designed to do just that! Check out the
Partner Praise line here!

Caring Connections Partner Praise

Client Connection 

When is the last time you sent a card to your clients to tell them how much you appreciate
their business? Developed with client appreciation in mind, this line is the perfect way to strengthen client
relationships and forge connections. Check out the Client Connection line here!

Thanking You 

This line is currently being designed with the goal to create heartfelt thank you cards that
can be used in all types of situations. Messages that speak to the heart and show how much you care. Line coming

Congratulation Celebration 

Celebrating and congratulating go hand in hand for this line. This line is currently being
designed with the goal to showcase celebrations and offer congratulations. Be it a promotion to a new job, winning a
bid, securing a multi-year contract, the list is endless. Bright Ideas believes showing that you care through tough
times goes a long way. Line coming soon!

How to order your cards

Simply visit the Caring Connections website
and browse through the various card lines. Select which card(s) you wish to order, send in your logo and your
personalized cards ship within 2 – 4 weeks. It’s really that simple!

Just browse through the gorgeous cards and find the perfect card to represent your company.
Want to customize further? Caring Connections offers tailor-made designs if you would like to customize your card
with your brand colours and style. They have developed the cards with the focus being on YOU and making YOUR
business look good. 

Designed with the business model to support associations, charities and groups within the
event industry, Sharon’s goal was to do everything possible to encourage the recovery of all types of events. A
percentage from every card purchased will be donated to an approved event community.

The current charity partner is ILEA Canada supporting chapters in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary
and Edmonton. With customized cards in all four cities, Caring Connections are so happy to be able to support event
professionals across Canada!

After all, what matters most is the amazing people who share the same creative drive and
unwavering commitment to producing magic for guests attending their events. Caring Connections want event
professionals and their businesses to look good as they spread this caring feeling amongst their network.

For more information on Caring Connections be sure to check out our
and follow them on social media! 

Caring Connections cards for the event industry

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