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Hosting a fabulous Grand Opening takes a lot of care with creativity and organization. If you hope to build relationships with the community, you should know that your Grand Opening is where first impressions are created, and those better be good.

When planning for a Grand Opening, your primary goal should be wowing the attendees.

They need to have a wonderful time at your event, and the memory of it needs to stick with them for a long time.

To produce a GRAND style opening, the event needs to be defined by a set of goals. You need to determine what you are looking to achieve, other than only presenting your business to the local community.

Here are some goals each grand opening should include:

Brand Awareness

Simply put, this grand opening should let these people know who you are, where you are, what you stand for, and what kind of products or services you offer. Since everyone is not going to be able to attend your event, it is imperative for everyone to hear about it. It is essential to raise brand awareness and make people think of your business the next time they need something.


You need people to talk about YOU. The best way to achieve this is to throw a Grand Opening they haven’t experienced before, and one they will not forget any time soon. The more people talk about you and your brand, the more they will shop from you.

Your event needs to be different; it needs to be original, and everyone who attends needs to talk about it. Host a themed event, get some entertainers, make it colorful and lively!


You can’t have a grand opening without people. You’ve worked hard to get to this day, and you need people to show up so you can WOW them with your fabulous event. It is not a time to be shy; you need to execute a hard-core marketing plan.

Building Relationships With Local Officials and Potential Business Partners

Building business connections with the right people are significant, but that doesn’t mean your Grand Opening should look like a business meeting. People make the best relationships when they are having fun. Step out of your comfort zone by organizing something utterly exciting that’s going to make your customers and the the local officials smile for days. Let them remember your company in a positive light – it is easily achieved with a majestic Grand Opening.

There are many examples of unique grand openings, and one of them is the grand re-opening of Hastings Park produced by Bright Ideas Events. With Cirque du Soleil-style entertainers and dazzling décor, the guests entered a world of glamour and pure magic. The event was the talk of the month with a magnificent 40-foot roller coaster bar and a slot machine ice carving that delivers a jackpot of tiger prawns. To see all of the photos from this event, click here.

Looking for ways to make your Grand Opening the talk of the town; contact us so we can help you prepare something unique and unforgettable!


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