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The Bright Ideas team is currently working on an event taking place at the wonderful Sparkling Hill Resort in Vernon, BC. A great opportunity for the staff to go on a road trip and investigate what many are calling the premier wellness resort spa destination in North America.

Designed by Swarovski crystal architect Andreas Altmayer, the resort incorporates 3.5 million Swarovski crystals in every element of the property. It feels just like you were walking in a huge jewelry box — with Swarovski crystals dripping from everywhere; even the trees outside the hotel. Simply stunning!

When you arrive at the resort for the first time, you will be captivated by the breathtaking setting of Lake Okanagan and mountains. The Resort offers 149 luxury rooms and penthouses. All rooms in the resort feature a spectacular view of the Mountains or Lake, and a Swarovski crystal fireplace.

What makes the Sparkling Hill such a unique destination is also the 40,000 sq. of pure relaxing facilities with seven unique aromatherapy saunas, steam rooms and hundreds of treatments.


Each spa room is purely a work of art. Bright Ideas’ favorite: the Rose steam room where heated wall tiles are embedded with rose petals. Then there’s the ice igloo, infinity pool, and the natural saltwater indoor pool with underwater music.

One of their must try treatments: a -110 Cold Sauna, the only cryotherapy chamber in North America where you can enter for a 3 minute session. We did not have the chance to try it but we heard that when you emerge, you feel vibrantly alive, and every cell in your body will be recharged.

Dining is done in the European manner. We had the chance to dine at the Peakfine where the food was accomplished and delicious. Their menus change with the seasons and celebrate the freshest Okanagan Valley ingredients.

With a European-style approach, crystal architecture, and state of the art spa facilities, Sparkling Hill is surely a unique destination for your next event. The predator Ridge golf resort or the Mission Hill winery are some of the great activities you can enjoy during your stay. Sparkling Hill is less than 4 miles from Predator Ridge Golf Resort and 25 minutes from downtown Vernon.

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The Bright Ideas Team simply wants to move in and is looking forward to the event!!

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