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The Why

Donuts in the Lunchroom; we have Donuts for You! Suddenly we find ourselves working differently.  We went from commuting to the office on a regular basis, to commuting to the dining room table with our fuzzy slippers on.  No longer are we grabbing a quick chat with our work colleagues by the water cooler or sitting around a table batting ideas around.  Sure, we stay in contact via email, phone and on Zoom, but it’s not the same.

The What

In our E-book we share thoughts, insights and tools to bridge the virtual divide. We offer tips and ideas to enhance engagement through these two dimensional mediums. And finally, we make teams feel connected and valued again. During the pandemic many remote teams are feeling isolated and uninspired due to lack of human connection.

The Where

Dropping a box of donuts on the counter in the lunchroom and sending a company-wide email no longer checks those boxes. It will take some thought and effort to bring the hearts and minds together, but we promise you it will be worth it.

The How

Drawing on our 32 years of creating engaging experiences for some of the top corporations in North America, we are excited to share our perspectives on keeping virtual teams connected, engaged and most importantly feeling valued.

Whether you are looking for simple ways to help team members to feel less isolated and siloed working from home, or if you are challenged to envision how to transition your winter corporate Town Hall or company summer barbeque to virtual…we’ve got you covered!


We are offering this E-Book for a Limited Time, so please download your FREE copy of Donuts In The Lunchroom here.

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