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When you are working as an event planner, it is all about planning ahead. Securing a venue, booking staff, finding a caterer, and arranging entertainment are just a few of the crucial tasks necessary for a successful event. If you are doing a good planning job before the event, everything will run smoothly when your guests arrive. At least that’s the plan. But after 25 years of event planning we can tell you one thing: No matter how complete your plan, there is always a chance that something can go wrong!

match in the dark

Whether it’s the jazz singer calling in sick one hour before the event, or a power breakdown leaving your venue in the dark, you will need to react fast to avoid your guests getting upset. The best way of dealing with problems like these may sound overblown, but it is the way to go. Be prepared for every eventuality. Have a look at every part of your event and ask yourself, “What could possibly go wrong?” The power generator breaking down, a sick entertainer, a medical emergency with one of the guests, or not enough food or drinks; we’ve seen it all.

 In 25 years of event planning, we’ve experienced lots of unexpected incidents. How often has there been a power outage, or a generator that did not work! Just imagine the trouble you were in if all the beautiful lighting on the picture came from one big generator – and it would not work! This would mean that you suddenly have no lighting at all and that would ruin the whole venue.


 So what do you do when things like this happen? We always try to discuss our power requirements with the venue in advance, so we don’t run into trouble at the day of setting up. Also, we make sure to bring backup equipment and lots of power bars and extension cords in case some power outlets don’t work.

One Christmas party I remember we had a guest who needed medical help due to a food allergy. Thank god we prepared a emergency plan for situations like this, so every staff knew what to do. We had emergency contacts prepared, there were short ways out of the venue and the communication between our staff and the venue worked well. This way we were able to quickly provide our guest the help he needed, without disturbing his privacy or upsetting other guests.


You might say “Well, being prepared is nice, but planning for all eventualities takes so much of my time and it is likely that I won’t need any of my plans!” And of course you are right. Being prepared takes time. But when it comes to the success of an event, there is no such thing as being too prepared! In case anything goes wrong you (and your guests) will be more than grateful that you spent the time and an emergency plan is waiting in your pocket!

At Bright Ideas we always assess risks and potential problems in advance to make sure that your next event runs smoothly. If you would like to learn more about us, our planning process, and how we might assist you to make your next event a hit, request a quote today!


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