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The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming and everybody fancies having a barbecue or lying on a towel at the beach. Who wants to think about organizing an event in the Fall right now? Well, companies who want to hold a successful Fall Event definitely should. As experienced event planners we always recommend to start planning your event as early as you can.


Fall is a busy time for meetings and conferences, so you should expect that it might take quite a bit of time to find the venue. Many venues are booked months in advance. Getting started now will increase your chances of getting the venue you would like for your corporate event. The budget, the occasion, the corporate identity, and many other factors determine if a venue is appropriate or not. Therefore you should really take your time – to select a venue your company will be happy with and also is a good represention of your values and corporate culture.

Once the venue is chosen there are logistical questions that need to be answered early, to ensure a smooth and stress- free flow of the planning process and the event itself. These questions include security, licensed bartenders, caterer, rentals, and live music. Even though your event planner will handle logistical matters they need time to deal with them in a proper way.


Planning ahead not only helps with getting the preferred venue, caterer, or decor items – but also in having a smooth planning process itself. Having enough time to schedule regular meetings with your event planners gives you the opportunity to be actively involved in the planning process and get the exact event you had in mind.  Setting deadlines and being able to meet them will give you a positive feeling about your event and it’s one thing less to worry about during your summer holidays.

Whatever Fall Event you are planning to hold, be it a Client or Staff Appreciation, Product Launch, or a Company Anniversary, every event should have a purpose. You should know what goals you hope to achieve with it. Corporate events are part of the company’s marketing plan. They should have set objectives and an expected ROI. Events should be handled as carefully as other financial assets. There is nothing worse than spending money on something that will be no benefit to your company. Take your time to plan your next corporate event to ensure you get the most out of it.

Call Bright Ideas today to request a quote and let us start planning your perfect Corporate Fall Event now!


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