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Planning an event can be both daunting and exciting. While there are some fun perks to planning an event, such as previewing entertainment and tasting catering options – there are areas that will spark a few questions. A great opportunity that you have in my blog is to ask me.  My name is Sharon Bonner and I am the founder of Bright Ideas Events.

I can answer any of your queries you may have involving event planning. Whether you have questions regarding entertainment, catering, or venues – Bright Ideas is here to provide answers! This special feature of Q&A on our website helps you gain expert insight in the event field. This exciting industry will always raise a couple of questions, so don’t be shy; feel free to contact us and we’ll provide you with the best advice.

Here are some of our favourite ‘Ask an Event Planner’ questions pertaining to many areas of event planning:

How do I properly plan my holiday party?

Planning a holiday party may seem straightforward. But there’s more to it than renting a venue and handing out Christmas carol lyric sheets. Here are some common problems I often see when organizations decide not to hire a professional event planner:

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 Choosing the Room Too small a space makes for a crowded, uncomfortable event. Go too big however, and the room feels empty. Make sure you know roughly how many guests will attend the event so you can book the appropriately sized venue.

•    Music Matters Unless your entertainment is the centerpiece of the evening, music is best as a background to the fun and conversation. Make sure your entertainers aren’t so loud that people can’t enjoy each others’ company.

•    Age Appropriate Age appropriate activities and entertainment are always important, but especially so during the winter holiday season. Make sure there are things for children to enjoy, so parents aren’t stressed out by bored kids, but ensure there’s a bit of grown-up fun beyond just a buffet and a bar.

•    Leave ‘em satisfied Nothing leaves a worse impression than running out of food and drink. Of all the event details, this can be the toughest one for the lay person to figure out. It’s easy to under-estimate the requirements and a terrible waste of food and money to throw away large quantities of prepared items. Call Bright Ideas to help you do it right!

How early do you need to book entertainment to get the act you want?

Entertainment that is popular and good value for your money, will book up six months in advance. It’s best to get your main act booked as early as possible

What is the biggest mistake event planners make when booking entertainment?

They don’t consider their audience and the event agenda. Timing and taste are the keys to good entertainment. Make sure you’re confident on both.

How much should my entertainment cost?

There are many variables, but $10 – $20 per person is a good guide. The more elaborate entertainment options may cost $25 – $35 per person.

If I hire Bright Ideas to plan my next corporate event, what do I have to do?

You get the fun part. You get to make all of the decisions and leave the leg work to us! When we work with clients we initially sit down and establish your event goals. This gives us a platform to build and design the event, always keeping in mind what we are trying to achieve together. We then set out a meeting schedule, create a critical path, and outline key dates in our timeline letter. Our clients are always well informed as to the status of the event and where we are at in the planning process.

If you have specific questions regarding event planning, please email me at sharon.bonner@brightideasevents.com with the subject line ‘Ask an Event Planner’ and we’ll feature your questions in our upcoming edition of our newsletter!


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