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Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and we’re finally enjoying spring. Is there a better way to celebrate this beautiful season than hosting a Garden Party? When the weather is ideal, and the opportunity arises, we suggest you make the best of it.

But hosting a Garden Party comes with its own set of challenges. There is a lot you need to think about as a host in a garden setting. To help make your party a success, here are our best tips for hosting a garden party this spring:

Make the Space Comfortable

There’s no Garden Party without an actual garden, but that doesn’t mean that any backyard space will do. If you don’t have a gorgeous garden yourself yet still want to host a garden party, you could always rent the space or ask a friend for a favor.

In any case, you need to make sure that the location fits your theme and that you have space where the guests will be comfortable. Sometimes that means buying some new garden furniture or moving it around. Let your creative side shine, but don’t forget about practicality.

Create a Great Atmosphere

While we are on the subject of creativity, you’ll need it most for creating a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere. Centerpieces, music, mood lighting, decorations — they all require a creative touch that will weave in a cohesive theme. Planning is often in the details and making sure that each decision is well thought out and complementary to the overall idea is important.  

A lot will depend on the feeling you’re trying to evoke, but here’s how you can take your Garden Party atmosphere to the next level:

  • Settle on a color scheme for table ornaments and match them to your garden surroundings;
  • Take the decorations up a notch with beautiful silverware and plates;
  • Enhance the space with floral decorations, centerpieces and live plants;
  • Make sure the furniture matches the overall decorative theme;
  • Create a playlist that fits and uplifts the mood;
  • Get good lighting and mosquito repellents.

Provide Amazing Food

Finally, good food is often the star of the party and one of the things guests tend to remember. No party host can neglect to put time and effort into the menu. Depending on the type of Garden Party you are hosting and the number of guests, you might opt for catering or potluck.

The best Garden Parties have a menu that doesn’t stand out thematically. For example, if you’re not setting up table seating, then simple and effective finger foods and appetizers will likely serve you best. If it’s a private dinner Garden Party, you’ll want the menu to be more elaborate.

And once you decide on the basics, the fun is only just starting. Picking and choosing dishes that will grace your guests’ palates is all about your creativity, putting together a theme and excelling at hosting.

When it comes to hosting a Garden Party in the spring, you can’t go wrong if you ensure there’s a great atmosphere, fantastic food, and a beautiful space to enjoy.

Are you looking for ideas for hosting your next garden party? Contact Bright Ideas Events today and we’ll be happy to get you started.

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