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Spring symbolizes new life & re-birth. The trees begin to bud, the crocuses are peeking from the earth and the longer days of light and sun re-energize us. In the spirit of the season, consider energizing the workplace environment with a corporate event this spring.

When warm weather returns, it’s a great opportunity for some unique team events and corporate socials. Corporate teams and conference delegates will truly appreciate the opportunity to go outside for a change, get some fresh air and relax in a natural setting. It’s the best way we know to get over the winter blues. There are many reasons to host an event this spring. Since most events are held indoors during the winter months, try something different by hosting an event in the spring or summer months. It provides a nice change of pace for your attendees – and you may be able to get some off-peak season deals from vendors and venues.
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Spring Event Tips!

Here are some “Bright Ideas” to think about when you plan your next corporate event this spring:

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Venue – As a special way to mark the transition to spring, treat your team to a garden party at a garden venue or greenhouse

Menu – Lighter, healthier meals go well with the warmer temperatures – and be sure to provide lots of beverages. Even if your event is indoors instead of outdoors, it’s a smart corporate event-planning move to make sure everyone is well-hydrated. The key to spring catering ideas for beverages is always bright, light and refreshing!

Appetizers – Finger foods are great for spring parties because they enable everyone to move around, socialize and enjoy the scenery. For spring appetizers and starters, you want to go with cool bites made of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Activities – Looking for exciting outdoor activities for an adventurous crowd? Combine horseback riding and wine tastings, or rafting and rock climbing. Let the outdoors be your environment to challenge and entertain your team.

Guest Gift – the perfect guest gift for your spring event is gardening-related; flower seeds, small plants, or tree seedlings. It’s the ideal way to give your guests a parting gift they will enjoy and remember.

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Here are a few photo from an amazing Tropical Paradise spring event we produced for one of our favorite clients in May.


Event planning can be highly stressful – or extremely energizing. Often it’s both. Planning a successful event takes time, experience and an eagle eye for detail. Call Bright Ideas today and let’s get started. Spring is just around the corner! Call or request a quote today.

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