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Event planning is not a one size fits all approach. Each event requires different event activities that will draw the attention of your guests and keep them engaged. Activities are especially crucial for virtual events where you cannot physically see if your guests are paying attention through their computers. In this segment of the Event Consulting series, we will touch on our answers to the question we are asked over and over; “How do I decide on the right activities for my virtual event?”. We will also offer our suggestions for 5 top virtual event activities that are a sure hit! 

Before selecting your virtual event activity, it is crucial to understand your audience and the different needs for interacting with them. Here is a snapshot of the three-event audiences and what kind of activities are successful in each audience: 


  • An equal distribution between passive and active activities
  • Activities should match the agenda timing
  • Make sure to include competitive activities


  • Make sure that activities are sprinkled throughout the event to maintain guest engagement
  • Virtual activities are most popular when they are gamified or competitive elements are added
  • Wellness breaks are popular and effective


  • Make sure that the virtual agenda includes activities that are successful for virtual audiences
  • Utilize activities that join both audiences
  • Include competitive activities such as games, casino games, team building, etc.

The most common problem we hear from our clients is that there are too many activities to choose from on the internet. Selecting the perfect activity is an art, and it takes years of reading audiences’ behavior to choose the most successful activity to ensure their engagement is guaranteed. Knowing when and what activities to include can make or break the success of an event. 

Things to consider when deciding on your activities: 

  • What are your event goals? 
  • Who is your audience?
  • How can I provide activities that meet the needs of all audiences?
  • What activities are guaranteed to entertain guests? 

Sharon’s Tip: Always include popular activities that are big favorites with your crowd. 

Top 5 Virtual Event Activities

After 34 years of planning hundreds of corporate events, here are my top 5 Virtual Activities to include at your next online event. 

Trivia Game Show

One of the most popular virtual activities is to throw some friendly competition into the event with a Virtual Trivia game show. A live host controls the 60-minute game from a shared screen platform to display the game board with customizable questions. Up to 1,000 guests can participate, using their smartphones to answer questions. In addition, customization is possible for clients to spotlight their brand or sponsors. 

Cocktail Tutorial

Engage recipe book authors and influencers to lead at-home cocktail-making sessions for your next virtual event. The 10-minute session offers a boozy break from the event while getting the audience out of their dining room chairs to keep energy levels up. Options could include pre-recorded DIY sessions to share with guests by calling upon cocktail experts to lead the way. Additionally, some local bartending businesses have embraced digital activities and can provide attendees with a more personalized experience, including ingredient kits and recipes sent straight to their homes. 

Wellness Session

An increasingly popular way to keep attendees’ energy levels up or minds at ease during virtual events has included wellness sessions. Some examples of these wellness sessions can range from morning meditation to an afternoon workout. Wellness and fitness-focused businesses like The Healing Collective and mobile meditation studio BEtime Practice, offer at-home meditation kits which can be called upon for virtual events.

Family Feud

Planners can secure Family Feud-style entertainment for up to 1,000-plus attendees for their virtual event. With a timeframe of one to one-and-a-half hours, The Virtual Feud Game Show features a host who will read out the survey to the participating teams. Then, a 60-second clock will begin and utilize the platform’s meeting-based private chat function to engage the rest of the virtual guests.

Game show

Photo and Video Booth

Going virtual doesn’t mean your attendees must sacrifice that coveted Instagram moment. For example, United Kingdom-based VideoBooth Systems announced the launch of its Virtual VideoBooth Online platform, allowing guests to capture and share videos, photos, or GIFs from home. Another option is SnapBar’s new virtual photo booth, enabling businesses to add their branding and backdrops for attendees to snap a selfie and share it during a virtual event. 

An excellent resource for engaging your audience at your next virtual event is our FREE e-book Donuts In The Lunchroom, which shares our thoughts, insights, and tools to bridge the virtual divide, enhance engagement through these two-dimensional mediums, and make teams feel connected and valued again. If you are looking for more guidance on booking the perfect event entertainment for your next virtual or hybrid event, the Bright Ideas team will help you! Head on to our contact us page and fill out a quote request form to get started!

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