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At Bright Ideas, we have the answers when it comes to selecting event components such as lights, entertainment and activities for a winning formula.  Here are some of our ideas:



More than just music, Bright Ideas has entertainment options to suit every special event. We work with an extensive roster of popular entertainers including magicians, dancers, acrobats, motivational speakers, and cultural performers from around the world and right here at home. Of course we also have a huge roster of musical talent for your consideration.

Our musical acts offer a wide-ranging set of options, from quiet classical and jazz groups delivering a sophisticated musical backdrop to your event, to high energy contemporary acts famous for filling the dance floor. Looking to make your guests participants rather than just spectators? We also have a wide range of activities to accompany your special event.

Our Party Hats, Car Rally and Garden Green activities are excellent ways to work team-building into any event, or we can match your theme – whether it’s hula-hooping lessons to go with our 50s Fun event, a hilarious game-show testing your guests’ knowledge at a product launch, or Casino Night games where your guests can win prizes and compete to raise money for charity. Our many theme event options also include a wide range of children’s activities, so your guests can bring the kids and the whole family can get in on the fun.

Importantly, we’ll help you match your budget to your needs. We’ll help you choose the right entertainment that fits your budget. We can also suggest cost-saving options for other aspects of the event if you want to provide a big-name entertainer without breaking the bank.


Lighting and sound is often the first thing to go wrong at a special event. Turning the CEO’s thank you speech into a screech of feedback is not a good idea. The Powerpoint presentation that crashes halfway through. Too dark lighting that has you trying not to trip on the décor, or walking right past your most important client without a hello.

Common technical glitches that can befall an otherwise great event… and have you wondering why the technology gods hate you so!


Thankfully, Bright Ideas works with Metro Vancouver’s most experienced staging and audio/visual suppliers, so our events don’t suffer from technical hiccups reflecting poorly on your organization. Our expert, experienced team has worked in Vancouver’s many venues, giving them the essential background knowledge to spot technical problems long before the doors open and the guests arrive.

Whether you need a simple audio set-up to support a DJ playing background music, or complete graphic design and multi-media production services to create a full-blown audio-visual presentation for an annual convention or important product launch, we have your special event comes off without a hitch. You look like a genius. There’s nothing wrong with that picture!

Party Hats

Need a new icebreaker or a non-traditional team builder? How about an innovative activity for your next event? Bright Ideas PartyHats is the answer! Your guests become creative artists and decorate colourful hats with all sorts of fantastic trimmings. The fun and excitement continues as they wear the hats throughout the event and take them home as a souvenir. Our hats can be themed to your event with matching colors, assorted decorative materials and customized styles. Bright Ideas PartyHats are a fabulous photo opportunity and bring lots of laughter as your guests compare their latest creations!

Check out our Party Hats web page and you’ll see why this activity is a crowd-pleaser.

If you need help planning your next event, give us a call at 604.303.7707.  We’d love to share our ‘Bright Ideas’ with you today!


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