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The Plan

Their wedding day was designed to be “a magical, fun, and grandiose event to bring together all of their closest friends and family,” says Payal (bride). “We had guests from India, Denmark, Scotland, Hong Kong, China, the US Virgin Islands, and from all across the US & Canada. The goal was to have a regal, maharaja-style wedding, fit for a prince and princess. Social extravagance was the underlying tone, allowing our guests to receive the royal treatment and indulge in a truly social environment. We wanted to minimize a lot of the formalities by reducing the program and providing world-class entertainment and events. Inspiration was drawn from the Karl Lagerfeld Chanel Metiers D’Art show at The Grand Palais in Paris.”

The Wedding

The Epic Indian Wedding Ceremony took place at The Indian Cultural Center of Canada in Richmond, BC. Rajeev arrived by horse, accompanied by his family and Celtic bhangra (mix of bagpipes and Indian dhol drums) to represent his Indo-Canadian origins. Payal looked gorgeous in a bridal sari she purchased at the Arjun and Anjalee Kapor Boutique in New Delhi, India.

The entertainment factor at this epic wedding was incredible! Over six days of parties, the couple brought in world-class entertainment, including RDB—the biggest bhangra group in the world (who flew in from London to perform at a pre-wedding reception). A “Youngsters’ Party” took place at Vancouver’s new Bar None, and featured Brazil’s own DJ duo “The Twelves” who provided the dance music for the private party.

Bright Ideas Blog - Epic Indian Wedding - June 05, 2015 (7)a
Bright Ideas Blog - Epic Indian Wedding - June 05, 2015 (13)a
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To cap off the week, New York’s DJ Kucha provided a dance floor mix of electronic and bhangra. At the reception, the dancing went past 2am! There was also a Photo Booth by The Collective You which offers a cool twist on an old fashioned black and white concept.

The Honeymoon

Payal and Rajeev honeymooned at the St. Regis Hotel in Bora Bora which Payal describes as “the most perfect island we’ve ever been to — every photo was like a postcard.” They also spent time in Mo’orea, French Polynesia, before ending their amazing journey in Marrakech, Morocco.

It was indeed an Epic Indian Wedding to both plan and attend. It is one of our ‘top 10’ of the past 27 years!

To read the full article click here but first you really should watch these two videos below. It is truly worth your time!

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Bright Ideas Blog - Epic Indian Wedding - June 05, 2015 (1)

To make your wedding EPIC, call Bright Ideas Events today. You won’t be disappointed. You too can feel like a prince and a princess.


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