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It’s a classic novel set in a famous era. And the opulence of the Roaring Twenties is also a great theme for a corporate event! Our Great Gatsby Gala is quickly becoming one of our most popular themes. This event – held in the expansive setting of the Rocky Mountaineer train station was no exception. Guests were eager to embrace the theme, which included a Speakeasy, casino games, vintage silent films, and a jazz trio to set the mood.

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As the guests approached the brick wall facade, they provided the doorman the secret password to enter through the door. Once inside, a feeling of prohibition with wooden crates & barrels, old fashioned vignettes and a full casino transported the crowd to the world of Speakeasy.

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Three undercover coppers burst into the room and announced the Raid for giggle juice and other funny business. They began checking for illegal alcohol consumption, Mafioso-types, and criminals of any kind! They roughed some people up, frisked others, took bribes, and swept the unlucky ones up in the dragnet and deposited in the jail where they will have to be sprung through community services, bribery, or old-fashioned jailbreak. This was true 1920’s style!

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