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If you’re launching a new business and want to provoke excitement and curiosity about your company, organizing a Grand Opening Celebration is the perfect way to do it. First impressions are everything. You want your Grand Opening to represent your business in the most remarkable way possible and just cutting a ribbon with giant scissors is hardly enough.

Surely you don’t want to organize a Grand Opening when no one’s in town! Make sure you mark your event in advance. You can’t hold a Grand Opening at a busy holiday, or in the middle of a busy workday.

Grand Opening Goals

Before you begin thinking about the details of the event, you should think about the main goals of your Grand Opening:

Creating awarenessA Grand Opening celebration is your very first marketing step, and you only have one chance to do it right. The first thing you should have is a clear brand message. Everyone involved in the event, including event producers, your staff, and the entertainers, should know exactly how to talk about your event with potential attendees.

Getting people excited about your businessAside from brand awareness, you need to create a strong, authentic connection with the community. You might not be the first and only company of the sort in town, but your Grand Opening can be different from everyone else’s.

Build strong relationships with the communityA mesmerizing Grand Opening can create many relationship opportunities not just with your future customers, but with potential business partners and vendors. You will need these contacts for the years to come and starting these relationships by inviting these people to a grand opening celebration is a fabulous way to nurture them.

The Basics

There are three elements of an effectively structured Grand Opening event:

1.Give the people a reason to attend

Ribbon cutting might sound boring to most people. If they don’t see anything special in it for them, they won’t show up. Offering free merchandise, tempting giveaways or highly discounted goods is the best way to lure people to your grand opening. Think loyalty cards or free tastings.

2. Give them a reason to come back

Upsells and return incentives are a great way for giving your grand opening attendees a reason to come back for more. Offer tempting incentives such as buy one – get the second one for free or offer gift cards that grant them a certain % off of future purchases.

3. Have a way for saving their contact information

The raffle form to capture people’s contact info mustn’t be overlooked.  You need to have a way of reaching the attendees again, and they need to give their info to you voluntarily. You can give away gift certificates or schedule free appointments right there on the spot. There are numerous ways of collecting attendee’s contact information and digital is best.

Choosing the Event Type and Date

Decide what type of event works best for your organization’s goals. Take your industry into account, as well as the product or service you offer. This will help you decide on the type of event you should choose. Should it be a themed event, or something more formal? A skilled Event Producer will know how to help you.

Throwing a Grand Opening without the help of a professional Event Producer could easily turn into a nightmare. There are so many details you should think of, and you couldn’t possibly keep everything at the highest levels without the help of a professional. Their valuable experience will help your Grand Opening become the talk of the month – and that’s exactly what your organization’s first impression should be.

Contact us so we can work on creating the most remarkable Grand Opening for your organization. Let’s make it memorable together!


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