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The Why

A month ago, I felt numb as I witnessed an entire year of events disappear in a matter of days. I experienced a million different feelings but mostly I felt paralyzed. What was I supposed to do next? There were dozens of industry websites with information but it felt overwhelming to visit them all several times a day. I had successfully built a solid event production company over the past three decades, but now I felt helpless and alone.

I decided that I was probably not the only one who felt this way and wanted to surround myself with other event professionals in the same position that I was. I needed a place where we could come to bond, learn, share and be inspired. And rebuild our businesses. I needed an integrated community filled with support, encouragement and a lot of hope.

And so we built this community so that it could be our community. This is a collaborative effort, so I need event professionals to share in any way they feel moved to do so. The more we share, the stronger we will be. Hope and love are threads of strength to build a stronger community. We are just getting started & will be updating it on a daily base.

Our Mission Statement

The Global Events Community (GEC) was formed to provide support and inspiration during the current global pandemic. Our Mission is to offer resources and information for the challenges we face as an event industry. We welcome your contributions to our community as we collaborate and engage, to emerge stronger.

In these troubled times where the future is unknown, we wanted to bring the event professionals from all over the world together and hence the Global Events Community was born. The daunting task of looking at dozens of event websites daily to gather current news in our industry was overwhelming. Together now in one solid platform, we can share, bond, gather tips and strategies and rebuild our businesses to come back stronger in the future.

Let’s explore a bit more

WHO: Any event professional connected to the event community in any way (as well as non event people) will benefit from this community. People who work in events and love events will see value in this platform.

WHAT: A Global Events Community where event professionals share, uplift and strategize together. A forum for networking and exchange, with one common goal, to help each other. 

WHERE: We are a digital community forum at www.globaleventscommunity.com. You can also connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @brightideasevents & @globaleventscommunity

WHEN: NOW! We need to start immediately. The sooner we share within our community, the better each of us will feel.

WHY: Never in the history of the earth, have we seen such a complete shutdown in life as we know it. All events have been cancelled. Our livelihoods are stripped from us without warning or notice. Most of us have lost an entire year of business. We need to come together to be stronger together.

HOW: By gathering links, tips, stories, strategies from all of you and sharing them to the global event community, we will become stronger.

We need YOU!

The community needs you. It will not work without the participation of passionate event folks that are all in the same situation as you are. Reach out. Connect. Share. Plan. Strategize. Plan to come out of this stronger than you ever were! Send you contributions to gec@brightideasevents.com or call 1.604.303.7707. 

We are waiting to meet you.

Sharon Bonner

CEO & Founder

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