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When Spring 2020 hit, we all found ourselves working very differently. From grabbing a donut and having a quick chat with coworkers at the water cooler to sitting at the dining table alone in your fuzzy slippers. Staying connected via phone, email or zoom just isn’t the same. That’s why we created the E-Book Donuts in the Lunchroom. This FREE E-Book shares insights, thoughts and tools to bridge the virtual divide when hosting engaging virtual events; so that your teams feel valued and connected again.

Kimberley Beaune and I wrote Donuts in the Lunchroom drawing on our 50 years of collective experience creating engaging experiences for North America’s top clients. We are excited to share this resource with you along with our perspective on how to keep virtual teams connected and thriving. This E-Book covers everything from simple ways to make your employees feel less isolated to transitioning your corporate summer BBQ to an engaging virtual event.

The key to hosting an engaging virtual event is strong communication. Donuts in the Lunchroom will provide a framework for you to follow so that your guests will stay connected throughout your event. Utilizing the framework provided will allow guests to familiarize themselves with the event’s format and content so that they can stay fully engaged throughout the event. In addition, this E-Book will share some ideas to keep the event appealing and engaging to your guests. Including the importance of maintaining clear communication leading up to and during your event. 

Donuts In The Lunchroom book cover

If you’re interested in learning more about bridging the virtual divide and the difficulties that come with the shift from hosting in-person events to virtual events, be sure to sign up for your copy of our FREE E-Book!

Keeping your guests engaged is critical in a virtual event setting without face-to-face interaction. Donuts in the Lunchroom will provide examples for designing original ideas and unpredictable themes, which will help foster an engaging virtual event experience. We call these ideas our “Sprinkle on the Top” ideas which is a homage to the sprinkles on the top of a donut or the jelly inside that makes it over top memorable.

As event professionals, we are passionate about connecting people through shared experiences. This love for the guest’s experience is one of the many reasons why we wrote Donuts in the Lunchroom, we want to help you navigate through this “new normal”. In the book, you will learn about the most popular platforms and formats to choose from when planning your engaging virtual event and which one will work best for your ideas. 

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Whether you need someone to consult and guide you from point A to B or if you need someone to take the ball and run with it, we would love to help you craft your next virtual experience. We have the skills, knowledge and passion to help make your next event successful. So, be sure to sign up for your copy of our E-Book Donuts in the Lunchroom and reach out to the Bright Ideas team for more guidance on hosting engaging virtual events.

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