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Last week on the Bright Ideas Blog, we discussed the current state of the event industry comparatively to before the pandemic. This week, we are talking about seven solutions for planning post-pandemic events during the current state of the event industry. 

7 Solutions To The Current State Of The Events Industry

  1. Safety

With health and safety top of mind in the past two years, it is essential to have a safety plan for your event now more than ever. In your safety plan, we recommend preparing a wide range of safety measures to help protect your guests and staff. For example, some simple but efficient safety measures could include having masks on hand, sanitizing stations throughout the event, and wristbands that identify each guest’s comfort level for interactions.

  1. Lead Time 

To ensure your event goes as smoothly, we recommend beginning the planning process as early as possible. Beginning the planning process with a longer lead time can help you stay on budget and ensure your event goes as visioned. Should you not have the luxury of long lead times, we recommend hiring an event industry expert to help navigate a quick planning experience. 

  1. Budget 

Before you begin planning anything, we cannot stress the importance of determining your budget. We recommend sorting out your low to high working budget and preparing for big-ticket items within this budget. Big ticket items often include the venue and food and beverage. 

  1. Venue Selection 

Early in the planning process, we recommend creating a short list of ideal venues. Having multiple venues on your list and being flexible makes you less likely to be disappointed should availability be limited.

  1. Activities 

When deciding what activities to offer at your event, consider providing safe activities for people of different comfort levels. For example, we recommend limiting activities that involve touching and using the same item across all guests. 

  1. Vendors

With the rising cost of products and global supply chain issues, we recommend shopping locally as much as possible. Shopping local will help lead to less disappointment and less expensive goods.  

  1. Hire an Event Consultant 

Navigating the post-pandemic event industry can be overwhelming. You don’t have to do it alone, though. Hiring an event consultant can help you not only save time, stress and money throughout the planning process. There are five main areas in which Sharon can help you when it comes to event consulting for your corporate event.

How An Event Consultant Can Help You

  1. Design– An event consultant can help create a cohesive and unified experiential design that captivates your guests while integrating the event goals.
  2. Event ROI – With help from an event consultant, your event will exceed expectations. They will provide a high and measurable ROI in the overall event plan.
  3. Budget Optimization– Sharon can help you calculate a detailed event budget that will include all aspects of your event and will have you prepared for the unknown.
  4. Marketing Strategy – An event consultant can help you develop an in-depth marketing strategy for your event to help ensure relevant KPIs are achieved.
  5. Event Documents– Sharon and her team will customize event documents such as critical paths, production schedules, scaled floor plans, agendas, menus, etc. 

Event Consulting Solutions

Your best option when planning events in a post-pandemic event industry is to seek help from an event industry professional. Sharon Bonner Consulting is there for you and your team if you lack event experience and need a knowledgeable event professional by your side. If you lack event staff and do not have a team to help you with planning or do not have time to plan your event, you may find an event consultant beneficial. Sharon can help you optimize your budget while you maximize your resources for a stress-free planning experience. When working with Sharon Bonner Consulting, you will have exclusive access to her over thirty years of event experience and knowledge to ensure your event goes off without a hitch.

It’s no doubt that the current state of the event industry has changed since pre-pandemic times. However, that does not mean that events are no longer worth it. On the contrary, having a team of experienced event professionals by your side can help ensure you get the return on your investment and experience a smooth planning process. So, head to Sharon Bonner Consulting to see if an event consultant is right for you!

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