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When you fall in love and find ‘The One,’ things fall into place. But, what happens when you want to exchange your wedding vows in an ambiance different than anything expected? Nothing negatively dramatic… that is – if you partner with Bright Ideas. How so? Well, when you trust us to organize your event, we go above and beyond to throw you a spectacular, and out-of-the-ordinary Wedding Celebration, to make sure things will fall into place in that respect, too.

Not Just Another Wedding

Last time we teamed up with a couple who wanted a celebration with their friends who were joining them from all over the world, we threw a never-before-seen wedding party that left everyone speechless. Yes, weddings can be overwhelming by default, but this one was spectacular for a different reason.

The reception was held in MOA (Museum of Anthropology) with typical wedding attire nowhere in sight. Everything from clothes to the setting was based on First Nations culture. And yes, it worked beautifully in the MOA setting. 

First Nations Culture in Western Canada

Offering a unique cultural aspect to the Canadian population as a whole, First Nations peoples’ influence and presence on the coast of British Columbia is pretty noticeable, if not even dominant. While multiple studies are exploring potential roots of such vast existence of the First Nations peoples in this area, the vital thing to remember is that their cultural influence is more relevant than the cause of its presence. And, as to why First Nations inhabited this area of Canada more? It is argued that the proximity to the woods and the ocean encouraged them to stay here. After all, they could hunt freely and fish endlessly – which was the primary source of their livelihood. This favorable, natural circumstance seems to have stimulated them to populate this part of Canada more so than others.

First Nations Inspired  

At Bright Ideas, we cultivate the culture of diversity, inclusion, respect and the acceptance of cultural versatility in abundance which is why we held this wedding theme close to our heart. First Nations art is inspiring and their cultural complexity is one of the most attractive features there is. Everything about their heritage catches the eye quickly and makes you feel like a part of a more significant, more important concept. The fact we can access their culture easily not only gives us the opportunity to continually find out more about the First Nations but also to keep their culture alive through the active usage of their tradition in décor, clothes, food, music, etc.

The Setting

The wedding featured First Nations-inspired dining traditions, with pleated carpets laid out on the ground and cushions used as seating areas. White teepees, beautifully set up and placed around the wedding venue (MOA), were set up as part of the cultural heritage and a gorgeous decorative element. Traditional ornaments, totem poles, larger-than-life wooden statues, and masks also graced the already beautiful outdoor ambiance. The flowers were freshly picked and arranged in wooden vases, one for each table. As night fell, the torches strategically placed around were lit up, adding a sense of romance, beauty, and tranquility to the space.

The Fire Dancer at the End

The dancers’ and entertainers’ wardrobe was authentic, as were their dances and entertainment acts. And even though every single traditional performer did their part beautifully, the fire dancer at the end was what rounded up the entire event.

Her manipulation of fire sticks and fire hoops, along with her incredible dance moves gave everyone present reason to remember this event for years to come.

If you want to give your wedding or any other important event in your life a unique, professional spin, contact us at Bright Ideas and let the enjoyment begin!

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