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Mardi Gras Mask
What does Mardi Gras Madness include?

Anyone who has planned a memorable event knows this: the theme is the most important decision you’ll ever make during the whole planning process.  A good theme, like Mardi Gras Madness is one that you can incorporate into every little aspect of your event.  And most importantly, a good theme is one that your guests embrace because they really understand it!

What do you think of when you think Mardi Gras?  At Bright Ideas, we think about the colours green, gold, and purple.  We think about masks and beads.  We think about feathers and live Jazz Music.  We think of where one of the most iconic Mardi Gras celebrations takes place each year, New Orleans very own French Quarter down Louisiana way.

If you like where we’re going so far, now all we have to do is incorporate these elements into the various aspects of your event, and we have Mardi Gras Madness!

The colours; let’s use them on the table linens and drapes.  And let’s give everyone a beaded necklace in these colours as they enter so regardless of what they wore, they’re now dressed for show!

The Masks; let’s have a ‘decorate your own mask’ station, where people can pick the mask they like best, and then glue on studs or rhinestones in bright colours, feathers at the sides, beads around the edges, or just sparkles everywhere!

The Feathers; they must be EVERYWHERE!  In vases as centerpieces, on strings skirting the tables, crowning pedestals marking entrances between areas, even hanging from the light fixtures casting coloured light all around the room.  And there are so many kinds of feathers to choose from: lush ostrich feathers, decadent peacock feathers, even 6 inch long ones in bright colours like canary yellow and fuchsia will create a luxurious atmosphere and go along way to completing your theme.

Live Jazz; oh, how music can set a mood!  Whether its playing Big Band, Swing, Contemporary, upbeat Dixie, crooning love tunes, or a great big mix, a live orchestra Jazz band will make your guests feel like they’ve walked off the street right into a classy Mardi Gras jazz lounge and keep their toes tapping all evening long!  You might even catch a finger snap or two!

And then there’s New Orleans. The Big Easy itself.  Where thousands upon thousands of North Americans head to each Spring to usher in the 40 days of lent in legendary fashion.  So why not recreate a bit of that legend at your event. The passed canapés can be such iconic dishes as mini po’boy sandwiches and shot glasses of jambalaya.  Food Stations can dish up gumbo in martini glasses and lobster and corn in take-out boxes.

Ornate old street signs can be set up bearing famous names such as ‘Bourbon Street’ and ‘Orleans Avenue’ and ‘Jackson Square’…in English AND French, of course! And what would New Orleans be without gambling and whiskey?!  A casino with prizes and a whiskey tasting booth complete the atmosphere and show your commitment to incorporating your theme into all aspects of the event. So no matter if it’s a Grand Opening, a Staff Christmas Party, an Awards Assembly, or an Appreciation Event, everyone can get excited about Mardi Gras Madness!  And with Bright Ideas’ help, your theme will be so successful that guests will leave wondering where they left their airline ticket stubs, because they’ll swear they’ve just been Down South!


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