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Outdoor Garden Weddings

Outdoor garden weddings carry an air of fairy-tale magic. Brides, grooms, and guests fall under the spell of the allure of a beautiful garden ceremony, surrounded by nature, flowers, and fresh air. There is no better way to begin a life together than with Mother Nature and all her glory and support. After the stressful lead-up to any wedding, stepping outside to exchange vows releases all the tension and anxiety into the great outdoors to be whisked away by gentle breezes.

Our professional planners and decorators at Bright Ideas Events, Ltd. know the importance of a perfect wedding day. That is why we take as much stress as we can out of planning an outdoor event or garden wedding. When the time comes to walk down the aisle, we want to make sure the only thing the happy couple notices is the beautiful detail.

An indoor event takes time and effort, but an outdoor wedding demands the perfect venue, a critical eye, and steadfast attention to details. Rain or shine, being prepared for any eventuality is the key to a successful ceremony that every bride will cherish and remember for years to come.

Beautiful Ceremonies Are More than Scattered Petals

Planning the best outdoor wedding begins with the most stunning venues. Scouting the area and discovering new venues, scenes, and outdoor locations lays the groundwork for memorable settings. Rely on event planners with the most experience and an established network of contacts. Outdoor weddings carry special concerns and decorating skills.

Transforming an indoor venue with smooth walls, level surfaces, and a controlled environment is challenging, but easily manageable. Moving outdoors brings with it a wide-range of obstacles and decorating needs.

A stunningly beautiful garden wedding is more than a red-carpeted aisle strewn with rose petals. Incorporating elements of the natural location with additional props and necessary structural facilities like tents, tables, and seating for hundreds of guests requires an expert’s touch. They say that Mother Nature cannot be improved upon, but with the assistance of a national award-winning event planner, your garden wedding can always be a little more beautiful.

Make the Outdoors Inviting

Assuring that guests feel welcome and comfortable in an outdoor location can present challenges beyond the visual and artistic accoutrements of a garden wedding. In addition to style and beauty, event planners contending with the great outdoors must contend with safety and comfort issues.

A successful outdoor wedding is an incident-free event. Planners must walk the grounds to fix or mark hazards and hide any unsightly natural obstructions.

Preparing for inclement weather demands a comprehensive Plan B that can be put into action in an instant to prevent a disaster. Despite rain, sudden winds, cool temperatures, or any other unpredictable condition, at Bright Ideas we take pride in making every outdoor event as successful as a sunny day.

Plant the Seeds of a Lasting Relationship

Make your dream day come true by contacting our planners to discuss the perfect garden wedding. Our professional event designers have access to the best locations and know how to complement Mother Nature’s own beauty with the perfect decorations, props, and accessories. Take advantage of the world’s greatest venue and watch your new relationship bloom. Call us today at 604.303.7707 for your FREE consultation!


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