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Purple Spring. It’s still too cold to host your event fully outdoors.  That doesn’t mean you can’t conjure up thoughts of the warmer summer temperatures to come in the minds of your guests by ‘taking’ them to some place hot.  Hot like Miami!

Dramatic Lighting

Some breezy white drapes on the walls of your venue will remind your guests of Miami’s lighter, brighter mindset.  Splash dramatic lighting in luxurious shades of purple and mauve all over, and accent it with gold, ornate patterns to strike a tone of indulgence and excess that South Beach is famous for.

With soft, light wall coverings and lighting treatments, Bright Ideas has already brought you and your guests to the welcoming environment of a beachside party down South.  But don’t stop there.  Remember, this is likely the first big party your guests have attended since New Year’s Eve, so let’s make it count!

True to Miami, we’d make sure the DJ is hip, setting just the right mood all night long, from checking their coats to checking out.  Guests would be further reminded of the fun side of South Beach every time they get a new cocktail served in cool light-up martini glasses that match the hue projected on the walls all around them.

And what screams Miami more than lounging on posh, white leather couches right in the centre of the action!  Whether guests are chilling on the patio, dancing to the DJ’s tunes, or taking everything in from the lounges, Bright Ideas would make sure your guests feel like their rolling with the Miami Big Cats!

Gorgeous Flowers

And let’s not forget that it’s spring.  That means renewal, new life, new ideas.  Bright Ideas loves to celebrate this time of rejuvenation by filling your event space with gorgeous blooms in the same palette as the lighting.  Purple orchids and hydrangeas, sprigs of lavender, pockets of clematis, purple carnations, irises, lilies, and lilac stems all gathered in tall, clear glass vases placed on all the tabletops will not only make the space smell amazing but will add that touch of life to your vibrant Miami party.

And in some cultures, fire marks rebirth, so, later in the evening when the sun has sunk well below the horizon, why not end your Spring event with a fire show!  Fire breathing, fire eating, fire juggling, fire dancing, and a fireworks display will conclude your event with a life-reaffirming WOW and make sure your guests check out of your event on the highest note possible!

Spring means new, means fresh, means anticipating warmer weather to come.  By letting Bright Ideas add that element of regeneration to your event, our insider tips and decades of experience will make your Spring event bloom with fresh, new possibilities! Call us today for a FREE quote for your next event.


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