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It’s 2017.  The beginning of a shiny New Year!  Your business resolution is likely to increase sales year-over-year.  The most cost-effective way to do this is to host several promotional events throughout 2017.  So let’s plan your annual events right now!

Calendar of Events

Bright Ideas is one of the premier Corporate Event Planners in Vancouver, with three decades under our belts.

We can help you develop a Calendar of Events, with each event targeting the specific market segments you want to focus on in order to reach your sales goals.

Business Cycle

If your company specializes in outdoor cookware and furniture, for example, then the Spring and Summer are likely your peak sales seasons.  Hosting promotional events outside, demonstrating your appliances and amenities is a great way to boost sales.  Bright Ideas will find the perfect venue and help you plan a day of fun, outdoor, and brand-appropriate activities that will look great in future advertising as well as encourage your customers to spend more time at your event and therefore be more likely to make a purchase on the spot!

And we can’t forget about the off-season, Fall and Winter.  The perfect types of events would be Client Appreciation Events, Trade Shows, Product Launches, Clearance Sales Events, or similar to generate interest in your products and develop loyalty to your brand.  For these types of events, Bright Ideas will plan them in your showroom to bring customers to you so that they can see the variety you have to offer and learn more about you.

How Many and What Types of Events

Deciding who you want to target at each event will help determine how many events to host.  Bright Ideas has noticed that one event per quarter, each targeting a different blend of market segments, is just right.

For example, a Client Appreciation Event involves current and prospective clients and is likely hosted at one of your showrooms and is meant to build awareness of your brand.  This could happen together with a Public Sales Event, or they can be hosted separately.

A Public Event involves the general public and can be hosted at a trade show or a street festival or a venue we book just for you.  This type of event is designed to get those prospective clients from the Appreciation Event out to your fun, promotional event to make that purchase they’ve been thinking about.

A Staff Appreciation Event is designed to generate good-will within your ranks, because employees who brag about their employer are the very best advertising you can buy! 

This event could be combined with your annual company picnic or Christmas Event and could involve offering wholesale pricing on select products.

Finally, a Supplier Appreciation Event involves your vendors and sub-contractors, the companies who supply you with products or who ultimately supply a specific service to your customers, like the repair shop that does work on products still under warranty.  By remembering this group of people you are demonstrating that you represent a wholesome company that thanks everyone in their supply chain.

Budgeting for these Events

Determining how much money you have to spend on each event is an important topic.  If you already know your annual promotional budget, Bright Ideas can help you determine how to divide that across your Calendar of Events by providing you with an estimate of how much each event will cost.  If a promotional budget is not part of your company’s financial routine, we can help you by comparing your revenue over the last few years with the return you want to generate from the Calendar of Events.

The Bright Ideas Contribution

If this sounds appealing to you but absolutely daunting, don’t worry.  That’s why Bright Ideas is here!  We specialize in planning these types of events and doing it on budget.  We can assist in planning your Calendar of Events, in deciding the objectives for each event when identifying how many to host and who to target, in measuring the ROI (Return on Investment) for each event, surveying your guests to learn about your market segments, and many other services as well.  We offer full event production services when we manage all of the details, or as consultants we keep you on track with the planning process.

So if you didn’t have a New Year’s Resolution before, we’ll bet you do now!  The 2017 ball has dropped; now get it rolling by planning all of your annual events.  Call Bright Ideas now and get started on the highest grossing year on record!


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