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You’re a savvy business owner and you want your guests to get excited about attending your upcoming Appreciation Event.

Together with Bright Ideas, let’s Spice Up your Client Appreciation with a fun theme that will really have your guests talking, before and after!

Take your guests on a High Seas Celebration! Let’s get people interested from the moment they read your invitation.

Let’s get them curious.

Raise Awareness  What could inspire more speculation than to tell your guests you’re taking them on an evening cruise right in the Grand Atrium of your building!?  Tell them to bring their sunglasses and bingo dabbers and to work on their golf swing, and there’ll be talk all over town drumming up all kinds of interest in your Event. And that’s sure to translate into higher attendance.


The Cruise Experience People are going to love your Event for the same reason they love vacationing on a Cruise Ship.  Let’s replicate some of the major components of a cruise ship experience in your Grand Atrium.

Using our creative decorating techniques, Bright Ideas can turn your lobby into the ‘Check In Desk’ and ‘Departure Lounge’ of a Cruise Ship terminal.  Guests turn in their reservation for a boarding card and check in their luggage….that is, Coat Check!

Then they ‘board the ship’ by entering the Grand Atrium via a Gang Plank Bridge where they receive a Fresh Floral Lei and hear pre-recorded boarding and safety announcements broadcasting from the PA system.


After the 7 blasts of the ships fog horn signifying the ship is leaving port, a spot light reveals the Cruise Director.  He welcomes everyone onboard, ushers in the servers who bring the complimentary Signature Cocktails, and gets the party started by showcasing all of the fun activities your guests can do while ‘onboard!’

Light jazz plays in the background.  Guests play mini-golf and foosball.  They win prizes in the Bingo Hall.  They play ping-pong, and even head to the spa for a back massage or cuticle treatment.  And why not learn how to Tango in the dance studio with a professional Ballroom dancer!

Ports of Call And then the lights flicker and the Cruise Director announces “Welcome to Jamaica!”  A Caribbean Steel Drum Band strikes up, delighting the crowd and suddenly changes the atmosphere into a high-energy dance hall.  The servers all come back out wearing Rasta Hats and offering skewers of Jerked Chicken.  Guests rush to take their picture against a backdrop of white sand beach palm trees.

A little while later, just as guests are thinking how clever you are and how much they are enjoying themselves, the lights once again flicker and the Cruise Director announces our arrival into Greece!  The steel drums are replaced by a Mediterranean belly dancer and the Jerked Chicken by Greek salad and Spanakopita.  Guests are challenged to ‘hook a big one’ at a virtual fishing game.  “Amazing!” you hear your guests saying to each other as they take in the new atmosphere and your heart sings because you know it’s not over yet.


After sailing for some time, “Bienvenido a Mejico” cries the Cruise Director over the PA and your guests can’t believe their eyes – out comes a Mariachi Band in full regalia crooning their songs of tragic love to your thoroughly awed guests.  At just the right moment, the servers come back out wearing sombreros offering fish tacos and strong coffee.  And a prize to anyone who can rope the steer at the lasso throwing challenge!

As guests enjoy their Mexican coffee in café-style seating and reflect with each other on what an incredible experience they’ve just had, you imagine how they’ll continue to talk about it for weeks.  You know you’ve spent your event budget brilliantly!  You reflect on hiring Bright Ideas to produce your High Seas Celebration and realize you’ve just raised the bar on hosting a Client Appreciation, because you’ve made it the best one guests have ever attended!

Reach out to Bright Ideas today to Spice up your next Client Appreciation Event. We’ll take you places!


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