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Let’s go on a Road Trip!

Whether it’s a trip through time or countries, a Road Trip is a great theme to highlight key moments or locations that have contributed to the overall success of your company.  This week, Bright Ideas invites you on a Road Trip, and we hope to convince you that it could be the best way to celebrate your upcoming corporate event.

The company was an auto sales group celebrating their Annual Awards Gala.  It specialized in vehicles made in India, the UK, and Germany with its head office in Canada.

Bright Ideas designed and produced a Road Trip that had guests visit each of these countries, where each country was essentially its own theme.

The Road Trip Gala was bursting with creativity and celebration, so much that guests didn’t want to go home! 

Two Key Ingredients

There are two keys to planning a successful multi mini-themed Road Trip event.

The first is maintaining the same structure in each mini-theme, or country, to ensure a cohesive experience.  That meant each country had an entertainer, an activity, unique food and décor that were all clearly theme-related.  Guests were left to wonder, “if Canada had Mounties, what does the UK have?” and get excited about visiting each county.

For example, Bright Ideas showcased India with a Banghra dancing group, a spice market where guests could purchase typical Indian spices, traditional Indian sweets like Gulab Jamun (a kind of sweet, sticky doughnut hole), as well as brightly colored draping and jungle foliage, all designed to make guests really feel like they’d experienced a little bit of India.

The other countries, the UK, Germany, and Canada, were equally exciting, exhibiting the best in the most recognizable elements of each culture, such as a Yodeler performing in Germany, a Bobby policeman maintaining order in the UK, and syrup-flavoured desserts under live Maple trees decorating Canada.

The second key to a successful multi mini-themed Road Trip event is having one or more overarching components.  This is to generate cohesion across the whole event so the mini-themes combine into a comprehensive, well thought-out, event leaving your guests impressed down to their socks that you thought of everything!

In this Road Trip, we introduced elements of road culture into everything we could think of!  The centrepieces at key locations were wheelbarrow tires filled with fresh flowers.  At Registration, guests received an envelope of play money that they could exchange into other currencies so they could purchase dessert from each country.

Antique fuel pumps, customized with country signage and event branding, were placed in each county so guests could ‘gas up’ before heading to their next destination.  Bright Ideas even created an Autobahn, a road with a dotted centre-line, leading guests around the event, complete with traffic police, cones, and even a signpost directing guests to each country in the middle of a huge Round-About!

This Road Trip is just one example of how a multi mini-themed event can add so much celebration and creativity to your next corporate event.  Have a milestone anniversary coming up?  Let Bright Ideas take you and your guests on a Road Trip through time, visiting key years in the growth of your company.  Just expanded multi-nationally?  Together, let’s plan an event that incorporates each of the countries your company now boasts in its portfolio.

By hiring Bright Ideas, you are assured of throwing one of the best, most memorable, multi mini-themed Road Trip parties in town. Call us today and we’ll share our Bright Ideas with you!


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