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Planning for Bad Weather When You Plan Your Outdoor Event

There’s a definite reason that event planners and producers spend so much time planning. They are fully aware of the fact they can’t control everything, especially the weather. The skies can quickly turn from bright blue to something that looks apocalyptic, and we can’t always rely on the weather forecast. Nature is unpredictable, so we have to be ready for it.

A battle with the weather is one of the most common problems event producers face. This battle sometimes turns severe, and there is practically nothing you can do to stop a severe storm from hitting your carefully planned event. What you CAN do is be prepared.

Here are five essential elements to consider to save the day in situations of inclement weather

1. Choose a Policy and Advertise it

You need to make sure everyone who attends the event knows what happens in cases of severe weather. The best way to do this is to advertise your solutions. Put them on the tickets, or include them in the invitations. Once your attendees know about your rain policy, you won’t receive as many calls or have upset guests with millions of questions in the event of rain.

2. Cover up!

You can’t afford to lose all the equipment to rain. You need to make sure every single piece of equipment has a cover that will protect it. Electronics such as soundboards and lighting are all susceptible to weather elements and very expensive to replace. Make sure all the tarps, plastic wraps, and covers are close to hand so you can act immediately. Also, it is best to try and keep the equipment off the ground, so it doesn’t get in contact with running water.

3. Evacuation Plan

If it starts pouring in the middle of your event, you need to have an evacuation plan for your guests, so this has to be a top priority. You need an escape route, and all of your staff needs to know about it. They should be ready to point the guests in the right direction if something unforeseen happens.

4. Backup Location

Whenever possible, plan on having a backup location for cases of severe weather, especially if the event is taking place outdoors. Apparently, this isn’t always possible with budget constraints and the type of event you’re planning, but having a place nearby that you can quickly relocate all the essentials of the day and save it. It allows you to continue with the most important parts of the event at a dry location.

5. Make Sure Everyone Knows the Plan

Once you’re all settled with wraps and tarps for covering up the equipment, you need a plan for covering it up, and you need to introduce all your staff to it. Once it starts pouring, everyone needs to know where the coverings are, and who is covering up and moving which piece of equipment. Your team will be as efficient as possible if you go over the logistics with each one of the team members, so everyone knows their role.

A little rain doesn’t have to ruin your event. Severe weather conditions might throw a shadow over it, but with our experts, you can rest assured the day is going to be great. Contact us and let’s save the day together!

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