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Go decades back and step into the world of Fitzgerald, Hemingway, fiery flappers and the whimsy of the roaring 1920’s by throwing a party planned by Bright Ideas Events Ltd. We are the champions of décor and lighting concepts and are always on top of our game! Our decoration and lighting experts have the power to transform the flattest of spaces into 3D environments you don’t want to leave even when the clock strikes 12 midnight.

Our 1920s soiree is the perfect example of how imaginative, creative and innovative we are, even when it comes to themes that have been seen oh-so-many-times.

Starting Elements

Starting off with the base, we coated the space in light white drapes; then, we added color and gobos to make the area look like a painted wall. The intricate execution of drape placement was done perfectly, so much so that it would trick the naked eye. Our decorators understand the tight link between décor and lighting which is why the lighting and décor were designed as a cohesive package and complemented each other. With a keen eye for detail and a very sensible approach to overall décor, they included Gobo lighting into décor, making it one of the many focal points of the party. Everyone was wowed!


From a distance, the 1920’s theme is easy to pull off. However, with so many details to get on top of to deliver an authentic atmosphere that makes you feel like F. Scott Fitzgerald (or at least Leonardo Dicaprio playing him) will walk through the doors any second, we had to invest a lot of smart planning and organizing in the process. Should we even mention the gorgeous feather headbands the guests were given upon arrival? How about the luxurious Crystal glasses, side ornaments, and centerpieces, pearls, and sparkle everyone was to enjoy?
We had 8’ tall crystal columns placed underneath crystal chandeliers that were 5’ in diameter. Everything at this 1920’s Soiree was custom made for our event, and there are no words to express how honored we were for being entrusted with the role of key producers for this event.

Décor vs. Lighting

Entrusted with a task of creating an unforgettable 1920s party, our in-house decorators and lighting experts knew the importance of cohesiveness of the two. It is why they were cautious about the lighting placement, and that is where our true professionalism shone through. None of the beautiful creative designs were compromised or ruined with improper lighting; if anything, they were enhanced by it!  Appropriate lighting colors with fabulous maneuvering with exciting gobos, complimented each other wonderfully.
The creation was a alluring, electric and yet exciting atmosphere; the picture-perfect representative of those post-war times in America. When you’ve have décor and lighting working together, you get an event as breathtakingly beautiful as this one was.


Bright Ideas Event Ltd. is the company that will bring your visions to life. We operate on innovation, skill, and creativity that knows no boundaries. You can trust us with any theme, concept or idea and be sure it will be delivered superbly. If you are throwing a theme party and need the best team to bring it to life, contact us today!


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