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Five Tips for Social Media Event Success

1. Hashtags
Create a short, memorable hashtag for people to use at your upcoming event (ie #summerfest). That makes it easy for attendees to see each other’s tweets and have online conversations about the event.

2. Display your Twitter handle
Publish your Twitter handle and event hashtag throughout your print material. This will encourage people to get social and talk about your upcoming event.

3. Countdown
Creating a countdown on your social channels is a great way to help build hype online for your upcoming event. This also serves as reminder advertising with “mark your calendar,” and “3 days until the event.” From personal experience, we see this as an opportunity to encourage fans to talk about what they are looking forward to seeing, expressing excitement for the upcoming event.

4. Branded Photo Ops
Photo booths and other “photo moments” are a great opportunity to get your corporate brand featured in event pictures that will last for years to come.  Make sure to utilize branding opportunities during your event.

5. Social Customer Service
This is becoming increasingly important for any event. Social customer service essentially gives you the ability to monitor what others are saying about your event, before, during and after your event. Don’t forget to reach out to those people, engage with them, ask questions and share information.


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