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The start of a new year and its first few months are always the time for reflection and setting new goals. Unfortunately, you may have already seen your New Year’s resolutions crumble to the dust. That’s nothing to be ashamed of — as it turns out, setting arbitrary goals is easy, but such goal setting almost always fails to bring in desired results.

You genuinely want to accomplish something, set yourself up for success and not a failure. You need help learning how to do that. We have the perfect system for you — our compilation of tips, tricks, and things you need for successful goal setting:

Three Key Things You Need to Succeed

Whether you’re continually failing to accomplish your goals, or you give up before you even start, it’s safe to assume that there’s an essential piece of the puzzle you’re missing. The problem with general advice you read is that it almost never takes individuality into account. People tell you that you have to be determined; to check on your goals a set number of times during the month etc. They rarely ever try to help you find the specific problem in your goal-setting process that you should solve first. Often the problem lies in one of the three key ingredients you need for successful goal setting:

  • Self-awareness — you need it to analyze your goal setting history and discover where you tend to stumble, as well as to know what you can realistically accomplish in the time frame you set;
  • Self-confidence — if doubts continually plague you, underachieving becomes inevitable;
  • Ability to plan — a good plan that isn’t too difficult to stick to but still challenges you is the right tool to help you accomplish your goals.

Setting Goals the Right Way

Without self-awareness, confidence and a good plan, you will lack the necessary clarity, know-how and motivation to stay on the right path. Know what you want, why you want it, and then break that desire down into the smallest steps possible which lead to its fruition. This approach works on a small scale, as well as for setting big goals that will take years to accomplish. Whether you’re planning an event or outlining the future development of your company, you need to ensure that you’ve judged your capabilities realistically and that you haven’t made the steps too tricky.

Start as small as you possibly can, but set the pinnacle of your ambition as high as you can reach. Celebrate each success along the way, and don’t forget to take care of yourself. Sometimes our goal setting can work so well that we lose sight of everything else, including our well-being — so make sure you take some time for self-care to avoid burning out.

For those moments when you need to celebrate your latest success with the team, Bright Ideas Events has you covered! We provide a wide range of event planning and coordination services, so you can focus on what matters — enjoying your accomplishments.

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