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There’s still snow on the local mountains, but we’re already planning “Hot Pink Events” for the summer.


Because looking ahead is a key tactic for successful and cost-effective corporate events. So, when we are looking for the latest trends in events, it’s not just for inspiration.

Innovative and leading-edge events provide guests with a unique experience they don’t forget. That means maximum impact for your budget. It keeps your company in step with the times and can help brand your business as an innovative force in your industry. A great way to show off your forward-thinking approach is by embracing the latest trends in colour and design.

“Radiant Orchid” has just been announced as the “Colour of the Year 2014” by PANTONE, the folks known around the world for defining colours and providing a standard language for communicating colour concepts across a huge range of design and manufacturing sectors.

Pantone claims Radiant Orchid is full of confidence, has a magical warmth, and catches the eye. They say it stands for creativity, joy, and sparking your imagination. Great qualities in a colour… and a Spring/Summer theme event!

Here are a few ways to incorporate “Radiant Orchid” into your corporate event.

Lighting resized


Lighting is an important factor to set the mood. “Radiant Orchid” is a great choice for an evocative setting. At one ofour past events we mixed this beautiful colour with white decor and orange highlights. The scene looked fresh and modern. Coupled with elegant music and a signature drink, it made for a very sophisticated ambience.

As you can see, it is not important to turn every little detail into this stylish shade of pink.  Choose places where the colour is a good fit with your event.


Why not turn your buffet into the spotlight? If the food comes in pink and fuchsia tones, it will not only taste great but definitely look the part. How yummy is that?!


Many people consider orchids as one the most beautiful flowers on the planet. It is sometimes called “Queen of the Flowers” and we think this is true. Many of the floral arrangements we design for Bright Ideas’ events contain orchids. They convey elegance and beauty, two great qualities any company should be happy to see associated with their corporate image. In fuchsia and pink they look especially stunning!

So, as you’re looking at the options for your spring or summer corporate event, be sure to think about the overall colour scheme. And don’t forget to consider the bright, confidence inspiring hues of ‘Radiant Orchid’ as a potential star of your event’s colour palette!

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