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The Dusk of Seasons.
Our favorite time of year.

Seriously! When else can you wear shorts or trousers; a t-shirt or a sweater; a coat or no coat? The choices are endless, the temperatures are perfect, and it’s a GREAT time of year to celebrate just about anything. Whether you’re hosting a staff luncheon Thanksgiving party, celebrating excellence in your workplace at your annual Awards Ceremony, or hosting your Annual General Meeting, here are three Bright Ideas to ‘allspice’ up your autumnal merrymaking.

1. Pumpkin Vases

Bright Ideas Events October 24, 2014 Blog (10)
Recently, we were pondering. What to do with pumpkins that don’t grow big enough to be cooked or carved? We wanted to be more creative than just sitting them on something to look pretty. We had a brainstorm: cornucopia… gourde-o-flora! Once we got started, the possibilities became endless and our office became more and more festive! Carve and clean out the inside to create hollow space, being careful not to pierce the bottom. Then, pick some cut flowers you love, and snip the stems so they just sit on the bottom of your carved-out gourde. Chrysanthemums, Ox Eye Daisies, Black Eyed Susans, yellow, orange or deep red roses, Tiger Lillies, cotton blooms, gnarly sticks, or mustard blossoms all look seasonal and sensational! Then, add just enough water to submerge all the stems. They will be fresh and looking stunning at your luncheon, ceremony, or meeting. Excellent places to display these seasonal pops of colour could be as table centerpieces or on the bar, at the corners of the stage or even on a podium, or at your registration desk. You could even place them on the counters in the Men’s and Ladies’ rooms to keep your theme and colour scheme consistent everywhere! And why not decoratively lean the lid against the side of your pumpkin vase to up the aesthetic ante a bit?

2. Caricature Drawings

Your staff and colleagues always enjoy a bit of fun, so here’s a quick and easy way to deliver it during your business event: hire a caricaturist. Add a twist! Let him in on the talk from around the water cooler and watch your guests laugh the time away. Tell him that Ewen from accounting takes a thong along on any beach vacation, or that Director Burns snores like a chainsaw, or how Hillary from HR loves to dress up her toy Chihuahua in seasonal attire! Slip just a few pieces of ‘inside information,’ point out the colleague and just watch the magic happen, And best of all, guests have a special souvenir of the best Fall Fun they’ve ever had!

3. Fall Tapestry

Perhaps our absolute favorite part of autumn is watching the tree leaves change from vibrant green to scarlet red, or enjoying the flowering of those certain special buds that show themselves at this time of year only! So why not incorporate that natural tapestry of copper brown, scarlet red, fire orange, or canary yellow into your Fall Corporate Event Decor? And you don’t even have to go deep woods trekking to see this harvest of autumn hues.

How about this: rather than inviting your guests directly to your event venue, start everyone off at your local Botanical Gardens and just soak in the sites as you wonder through the labyrinthine paths and marveling at everything Mother Nature is providing for us! Or go one step further and host your entire Awards Ceremony or AGM there to take maximum opportunity of this last ode to awe-inspiring autumn. If you can’t do this make sure to bring the rich hues of the autumn colours into your event through specialty linens, vibrant florals and hearty food.

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Here’s an example from our portfolio, Scenes of Nature, of a versatile theme that’s a great fit for events in the late fall and early winter.

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