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Have you ever walked the streets of Paris in the evening? Guests attending this Parisian event can now say that they have done so, as we encourage them to explore all the sights of Paris at night. 

After cancelling last year’s planned annual Holiday event at the last minute due to Covid, our client was eager to bring the feeling of travel to this year’s annual event and create a sense of togetherness for his employees who had been stuck at home due to the pandemic. And we were more than happy to make that happen! It was the perfect chance for us to channel our creativity and bring the warmth and energy of Paris to our client’s holiday event.

Bringing Paris to Life

We were determined to transform the train station into a breathtaking Parisian wonderland that would leave our guests in awe – And because this event is held annually at this venue, we knew we had to pull out all the stops to make it truly special and unique. 

Building Iconic Monuments and Facades

We set the stage for a glamorous evening which would transport guests to Paris through a series of unique touches. At the centre of the venue stood a stunning 20-foot Eiffel Tower Bar custom-built for the event allowing our guests to have a 360-degree view of Paris. With the sleek bar fronts wrapped in black vinyl and back bars shelving of intricate wrought iron and wood, it blended seamlessly together. We added antique French lamps to the bars, coupled with elegant ice sculptures. At the top of each hour, the Eiffel Tower lights would sparkle as they do in Paris, France. We now had a centre focal point. 

Next, we needed to surround the Eiffel Tower with iconic Paris monuments along the perimeter walls, which were designed and printed by a movie set builder to add more realism to the space. We decided to include iconic monument builds of the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre, and Gare du Nord as well as a Monte-Carlo Style Casino. The attention to detail and combination of printing and layering that went into the builds made the three-dimensional structures stand out.

Additionally, we told our supplier that we wanted to create Paris at night in the winter, and they understood the assignment. Each monument has details down to the shadows, reflections and snow which was dusted on each of the ledges. These builds ended up taking a big chunk of our décor budget, but we knew it was worth it because they created such a grand and authentic atmosphere for the guest experience. 

Creating an Parisian Immersive Fine Dining Experience

It was time to figure out how to incorporate the food stations in a way that would fit seamlessly with the Parisian theme. We put a lot of thought and effort into designing them to resemble the charming cafés and patisseries of Paris. With the monument facades surrounding the venue, we knew we had to get creative. That was when we decided to build façades of renowned existing restaurants in Paris, including Les Deux Magots, Café De Flore, and Café de Paris and a Boulangerie. Overall, it was the perfect way to create a charming Parisian atmosphere where guests could grab a bite to eat anywhere in the city. 

We placed two cafes on each side of the Eiffel tower with charming seating areas nestled in between. The attention to detail in the Café Facades was impeccable, particularly from the scalloped-edge awnings over the windows of the Café de Paris façade to the light-up LED sign and buffet station awning of the Café de Flore façade. Moreover, even the café windows give guests the illusion of peeking inside and seeing the actual inside of the restaurant. 

Each café was unique in its design and carefully tailored to the specific item it served. For instance, the Boulangerie, which served French pastries and desserts, had an elegant façade incorporating black marble with gold accents and displayed an array of delicate sweets. The Les Deux Magots food station which offered La Dinde (Turkey Dinner) and Boeuf Bourguignon, featured a green and gold awning displaying its name and was decorated with a rustic interior seen through its windows to reflect its cozy, casual atmosphere. In addition, even the buffet tables themselves were a feast for the eyes, adorned with greenery, tree branches, and decorative items to add height and dimension.

Setting the Stage

Next we wanted to create a stunning backdrop behind the stage and dance floor area beyond the Eiffel Tower. To draw attention to this area, we suspended dozens of string lights overhead, reminiscent of the streets of Paris during the holiday season. The simple yet elegant white marble dancefloor featured our With Love from Paris event brand for a touch of uniqueness. The highlight of the area was the three-dimensional façade of the Louvre, which served as a stunning centrepiece behind the stage. We installed printed graphics to create the illusion of the plaza wrapping around the stage. This scenery also doubled as the backdrop for our 360 Photo Booth, giving guests a true Parisian experience. 

Seating with a Parisian View

In our event design, we took great care to ensure that all guests could see and hear the speeches on the stage. Moreover, to achieve this, we placed round cocktail tables and Chiavari chairs along the sides of the dancefloor, creating a street-side café seating atmosphere. Alternatively, guests could enjoy the Snow-Covered Park, which faces the stage. 

We repurposed the extra space between the dancefloor and Eiffel Tower to create this unique seating area, which featured additional cocktail tables, park benches, birch trees, and a working fountain in the centre. A white carpet resembling snow, with LED birch trees and snow-covered street lamps along the perimeter, defined the park area. The Snow-Covered Park, with its working fountain, was a true spectacle, and it was complete with a special effect that left jaws dropping.

As the speeches wrapped up, we pulled out all the stops to create an absolutely magical moment for our client. With a burst of excitement, he cried out “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!” and so suddenly, the park was transformed into a winter wonderland, as shimmering snow made of paper swirled down from the sky. It was a breathtaking sight that left everyone in awe. And the best part? The paper snowflakes disintegrated upon landing, just like real snow when it melts! Therefore, guests loved it so much that the client requested snow every 30 minutes for unforgettable photo opportunities.

An Unforgettable Parisian Experience

The elegant and inviting streets of Paris came to life with playful actors and engaging activities, leaving guests immersed in the French atmosphere. The impact resonated deeply as our client expressed his absolute satisfaction with the event, particularly the freedom for guests to wander and explore the streets of Paris, the thoughtful activities, and the jaw-dropping snow effect in the park. The event really aligned with the core values of the company, leaving guests feeling valued and treated like family members. Hence, it was a true success for our client, creating lasting memories for all who attended and travelled to Paris to stroll through the streets for the evening.

Our unwavering commitment to delivering an unforgettable experience was evident in every aspect of the event. From the stunning 20-foot Eiffel Tower bar to the iconic Parisian monuments surrounding the venue, every detail has meticulously planning and execution. Additionally, the food stations were creatively designed to fit the Parisian theme, and the stunning backdrop behind the stage and dance floor area added to the magical atmosphere. It was a true celebration of the spirit of travel and the joy of the holiday season. In conclusion, With Love From Paris was an absolute triumph, demonstrating how our creativity brought our client’s employees together and led to an unforgettable experience.

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