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In such an exciting and evolving industry, it’s almost a certainty that new topics and ideas will constantly pop up, and believe us, you’ll want to implement them in your upcoming events. Seeking the next ‘big thing’ to wow your guests is always a challenge, which is why we offer our event consulting services to up your game.

We understand the unique nature of each event, and with the guidance of an expert like our founder, Sharon Bonner, you’re not alone. But for now, let’s dive into the latest insights from an award-winning event consultant and event expert!

Lack of Experienced Staff

In this day and age, fewer and fewer people are choosing the career path as an event professional, therefore it is very hard to find skilled and well-trained individuals with many years of experience. As a result, it is more difficult to guarantee a well planned event, and many have alternatively been relying on trained volunteers or repurposing their current staff. However, for high-profile clients, it is recommended to be as professional as possible, so fully trained event staff is recommended. We see that more and more companies are seeking event consulting support due to the lack of experienced staff. And that’s where our sister company SharonBonnerConsulting comes in!

Budget Constraints

Budgets are getting tighter, as companies aim to spend as little as possible without compromising value and quality. This can be quite a significant problem, as we are currently in a recession and costs are not decreasing, which could very much jeopardize the event and the aspect of creative freedom. Regardless, event planners are optimistic about 2024, but dealing with reduced budgets does cause them concern. That’s why having an event expert with budgeting experience guide you is a good business decision.

Boosting Morale

While skipping events might seem financially prudent and could save your company money, it could, on the contrary, reduce company morale. We sometimes neglect how important it is to have these types of gatherings at the end of a quarter or to celebrate milestones, as it boosts productivity and appreciation among your employees. It is also a great opportunity to invite potential business partners, as in a less formal environment so that you can connect on a personal level rather than just being numbers to each other. Our recommendation is to not cancel your event entirely but scale it down to be efficient but effective with event consulting!

Guest Experience as a Priority

Having all the right décor and bells and whistles for your event doesn’t guarantee an event’s success because, at the end of the day, it is all about your attendees’ experience. If the guests don’t leave the event with an above average experience, then all this effort for the event was in vain. Ideally, you should always prioritize the attendee experience first and foremost and then plan around that. Having your guests engaged and satisfied only benefits you in the long run. An Event Consultant knows just what to add to the event to make it appealing and engaging.

Avoid Cliché Themes

Now, since we have established how important guest satisfaction is, it’s also important to note that you should avoid ‘kitschy themes’ and focus on what your guests want and deliver it, so do yourself a favour and avoid these types of themes.

With the internet at their fingertips, guests are savvy and don’t want a lame event theme.

Flexibility in Planning

Adaptation is a game-changer. Never rely on only one plan; always have a backup and the possibility of a flexible schedule. Having anticipated causes can save your event from going awry. So, be flexible if your best-laid plans don’t work out, as things are constantly changing now in events, and if you are worried, it is a great opportunity to count on an experienced expert such as an Event Consultant, which brings us to the value they bring.

Investment, Not an Expense

Some might say Event Consulting are a waste of money, but on the contrary, they are the best investment you can make for your event. Having someone very experienced and well-known within the event community, and even the city is a plus in your favor. The amount of money an Event Consultant will save you far outweighs their fee, so it makes good business sense to include one in your event plan right up front.

Setting the Tone from Day One with Event Consulting

Setting the tone for your event from the first day of planning is critical, as it is important to allocate enough time for trial and error, as well as to establish secure vendors, locations and to plan for emergencies. Being ahead of time can only increase the chance of the best event, as we all know that booking last minute usually and almost always costs more than when pre-booked ahead.

The benefits of hiring an Event Consultant are numerous and in the end will only enhance your event planning experience. Who knows? Maybe with the help of one of our Event Consultants, your event may win the next global award!

Don’t miss out on these insightful updates! Implement them into your next event, and you’ll surely see the benefits. You’ll thank us later for the enhanced experience and success that comes with staying ahead in the ever-evolving world of event planning!

As Julius Solarios says, “Just being around people gets us out of the pandemic isolation and doom scrolling.” So don’t wait, and start planning that live, in-person event.

To speak with an event professional about your event needs, contact us today!


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