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Sharon Bonner

I thought I had seen it all … and then we have post-Covid.

I have been an Event Producer for three and a half decades. I have lived through many recessions in the event industry and survived. And through all of these years, I have seen all kinds of challenges, but the new challenges we are facing today in the event industry are affecting our ability to do our job effectively.

It is a known fact that planning events is stressful; in fact, event planning ranks up there with careers such as pilots, fire fighters, police, etc. You get the picture. Planning events is a tough job.

Now throw in supply chain issues and a severe skilled labour shortage, and you’ve got yourself a real kettle of fish!

So just how do these issues show up in the daily life of an event planner?

Here are 5 examples of real-life problems that we are experiencing today.

Click here to read the full article here in Corporate Meetings Network published on September 07, 2023.

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