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A palace lit by the flames of a thousand candles. A visual feast of performers and décor. A stunning parade of culinary masterpieces, assembled with a historic palette. And amidst it all, masked guests adorned in sumptous costumes, playing their roles in an unforgettable illusion, conjuring history, and bringing magic to a modern age. It sounds like the sweeping opening from a block-buster movie.

In fact, it’s the unforgettable real-life experience of Il Ballo del Doge. One of the premier events of the annual Carnival of Venice, Il Ballo del Doge is a masked ball without equal. Created for the most discerning of guests, Il Ballo del Doge is designed to surpass the expectations of those accustomed to a world of beauty and luxury. Held in an opulent Venetian palace, it’s a favorite stop on the social calendar for members of the global A-list. Vanity Fair called it “the most sumptuous, refined and exclusive ball in the world.”

This year, event creator Antonia Sautter has expanded her vision, going global with her marketing efforts for the 20th edition of Il Ballo del Doge entitled It’s all about AMORE (Feb. 9, Venice, Italy) and adding a showcase ‘best of’ event called Frames of a Dream, to be held February 2nd, marking the beginning of the world-famous Carnival of Venice.

Bright Ideas Event Coordinators will be the Canadian representative for these events. “We’re so excited to be a part of the 2013 Il Ballo del Doge,” says Bright Ideas President Sharon Bonner. “I think that the twentieth edition of the event could be the best ever. What an opportunity to experience one of the most exclusive, yet celebrated events to be held during the Carnival of Venice!”

Bright Ideas will focus on marketing the gala to individuals of distinction across Canada. The 2013 edition (Saturday, Feb. 9) closes out the two week Carnival of Venice, a city-wide celebration featuring a variety of gala events and exhibitions celebrating the famed canal city’s history, as seen through the art and craftsmanship displayed in the masks and costumes honoring the original festival, which began in the twelfth century. For information on exclusive ticket availability for Il Ballo del Dogeplease contact Bright Ideas president Sharon Bonner.

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