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The Ninth Annual 2023 Women of Inspiration Award was held on Thursday, April 4, 2024 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

The Women of Inspiration Award recognizes the achievements of women who lead, inspire and motivate. The event celebrates women from diverse industries and stages of life along with the allies who SupportHER.

Moreover, a Woman of Inspiration is a role model who inspires those around her to be more and do more. She uses her influence and position of power to inspire change in her network, workplace or community. Consequently, everyone admires and respects her for her resilience, leadership, and humility.She has grit and fights for what she believes in, regardless of the barriers. Furthermore, she isn‘t afraid to roll up her sleeves. She ignores the naysayers and fearlessly steps outside of her comfort zone to pave the road for the others to follow.

We are so proud to announce that our founder and CEO, Sharon Bonner, has won the Woman of Inspiration Award!

The Women of Inspiration Awards Gala was magical and indeed inspiring!

Michael Burns CEO of Canada’s Valour Games and Monica Kretschmer, CEO of Universal Womens Network were terrific co-hosts.

The evening started with a youth-choreographed dance routine by Hannah Isenberg. They were energetic and vibrant and brought up the energy in the room.

A real special treat for the evening was to be serenaded by Youth Inspirational Award Winner Roberta Battaglia who graced the stage with her angelic voice, proving why she received the Golden Buzzer on AGT.

Moreover, Duane D.O. Gibson, a two-time world record-setting rapper worked his magic as he created an on-the-spot rap specially created for the Women of Inspiration Awards.

The highlight of the evening was an intimate chat with Bobbi Brown and her husband Steven. They talked about the early days of their business and how they managed their working relationship for the past decades. It was an authentic and inspirational conversation between two business moguls. We felt honored to get a peak into these iconic business minds and picked up a few nuggets of inspiration!

Bobbi said on Thursday night that the world around her inspires her and she values walking in her off time. On these walks, she says she clears her mind and is open to creativity. The inspiration for naming her new company Jones Road Beauty struck when she was outdoors and stumbled upon Jones Road. Loving the name, she decided to use it, and thus the new company was born.

The organization will celebrate the nominations for the Tenth 2024 Women of Inspiration Award in the fall of 2024. Stay tuned for more details.

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