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On March 21, 2018 at Hotel X in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Bright Ideas was awarded the prestigious award for Best Event Design/Decor Concept $30,000 – $80,000 for their production of A Christmas Carol Celebration.

A Christmas Carol Celebration theme was chosen by the client for their annual Holiday Staff Party and set in a venue of over 20,000 square feet of available event space. Bright Ideas designed and custom built an entire European Village to support the theme.

When designing the space layout, erecting a village would work, as long as there were enough corridors and passage ways where guests could easily flow throughout the space. If not well planned, the biggest challenge would be traffic flow and bottle necks.

The venue was divided into three areas which corresponded to the three ghosts in the movie; the Past, Present and Future.

In each area, themed food, theme activities/entertainment were nestled between massive hand-painted Shop Front cloth backdrops (50’ wide x 22’ tall).

Focusing on the traditional aspects of Christmas such as family gatherings, seasonal food and drink, dancing, games and a festive generosity of spirit, Bright Ideas produced this highly creative event by never losing focus of the key event objective; “teammates get treated like family”.

Here are a few photos of the award winning decor for A Christmas Carol Celebration.

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