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Luxury car dealership grand opening

Planning this luxury car dealership grand opening was no easy feat. Not only did we want to represent the world-class stature of the automotive brand, but we also wanted the event experience to be recognized worldwide. The Bright Ideas team needed to elevate and reinvent what a luxury car dealership grand opening would look like. This was no ordinary cocktail party.

The Event

A local Audi dealership contracted Bright Ideas to produce the high-end VIP Grand Opening event that also needed to highlight the company’s 50th Anniversary. Our client wanted their guests and various Audi representatives to feel valued by hosting an evening of outstanding quality. 

The Gold Bar Gala was designed and exceeded the expectations of a regular three-hour cocktail party. Guests attended an evening of entertainment and celebration thanks to a thoughtful event design that included a large technical aspect.

Quick Facts

  • Three-hour long event;
  • World’s longest dessert bar (102’ feet long – Guinness World Record still pending);
  • 25 suppliers and vendors involved;
  • Planning took place while the venue was a construction site;
  • The building opened to the public three days before the event.

The Issue

The biggest challenge with this event was planning, designing & implementing a luxury event in a building that had only opened three days earlier. Many aspects of the 100,000 square foot, three-floored building were constantly changing during the planning process. Recent construction meant that power was not wired to all the rooms of the venue. Electricians continued to install wiring hours before the event so guests could visualize the design to its full potential.

In addition to the constantly changing construction zone, twenty-five suppliers were put to the test and challenged with only one loading bay and freight elevator. A solid logistics plan was required to ensure the event’s success.

The Objective 

The Gold Bar Gala celebrated the opening of a brand new auto sales showroom for a local Audi dealership. With our client, we identified two main objectives. The first objective was to unveil the recently built showroom which showcased the excellence of the Audi brand. The second objective was to ‘Celebrate 50 Years in Business’ through a world-class event.

How We Achieved the Objectives

In order to achieve our client’s goals, the team implemented a delicate balance of beautiful decor and technical production.

To allow guests to see the entire building and highlight both the front and back of house spaces, we enlisted the help of 12 model hostesses. Each hostess escorted small groups of guests through a tour of the new building. The guests saw the building from all angles including the parts, maintenance, and even the car wash bays. Our client and the builder prepared talking points so that guests did not miss any aspect of the tour. In addition, we hosted several training sessions and site inspections specifically for the hostesses to become familiar with the venue. We wanted to ensure the hostesses were fluent in its architectural features and the dealership’s history.

Each of the 25 suppliers were provided with a specific delivery window to help resolve the complicated logistics of installation. Strategically planned time windows allowed the high priority items and time-sensitive items (such as our 50’ ice bar) to be loaded in and installed before additional items. These logistics had to be timed to a tee as the new dealership was open for business the entire time. 

The history of our client’s business was highlighted throughout the evening with help from the guided tours and visual elements. Our hostesses shared stories of company milestones while an anniversary logo was thoughtfully placed throughout all three floors. In addition, Audi representatives submitted video material for a special 50th-anniversary highlight. The custom-created anniversary logo and video presentation displayed during speeches with a live feed to LED screens, plasma monitors and in-house AV systems. This grand opening event had a huge technical aspect that truly elevated the guest’s experience. 

The Results

After months of designing, planning, and an excellent logistical plan, this highly technical car dealership grand opening went off without a hitch!

Thanks to our unique approach in every aspect of the event, from creative ideas to communication and planning, there is no doubt that we achieved our client’s objectives. However, it was the flawless execution of this event on the day of that truly gave our client an outstanding event that surpassed their expectations.

As summarized by Audi’s special guest, Daniel Weissland, the Gold Bar Gala’s outstanding caliber “ranks among the top five Audi openings I’ve ever attended globally”! 

In Conclusion

Thanks to an incredible team of vendors, this logistically challenging event was the grand opening our clients had dreamed of! With a solid plan in place and quick thinking on the day of, our event production team truly shined! Bright Ideas is proud to have produced one of the top five GLOBAL grand opening events for this luxury car company!

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