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Case Study in Visualize: [any technique for creating images, diagrams, or animations to communicate a message]

Event: Roaring Speakeasy
Objective: Create two variations on the theme; Roaring Twenties and Speakeasy
Result: Stunning décor divides the venue into two experiences

Visualize Overview

We visualized exactly how the room would look months before the event. In our mind, there were two sides to the Roaring Twenties. The glittering Golden Age; where opulence and high style were the order of the day. And down darkened alleys, behind discreet doors – the secret world of the Speakeasy, where forbidden delights beckon.

For this Bright Ideas’ Roaring Speakeasy event, both aspects of the era created a unique twist to this theme event. The elegance of a lavish Gatsby-style gala was the first thing to greet our guests. But beyond the brick wall decor dividing the room, past the doorman at a dimly lit entrance… the bootleg charms of gambling and gangsters were waiting.

Our ability to creatively visualize our vision paired with our three decades worth of event production experience were key ingredients in the event’s success. It’s a great example of creativity and style delivering on the client’s original vision with a unique and colorful result.

Our client wanted to offer guests a new venue and a memorable themed event, to freshen the enthusiasm for their annual gala. We chose a flexible, well-regarded venue known for its suitability for theme events and took on the challenge of creating two variations on a Roaring Twenties theme. The result was an entertaining evening that exceeded the client’s expectations, a memorable update to an annual event that was well received by guests, and a sophisticated, yet fun way to liven up the traditional corporate party.

Feedback from our client and their guests was overwhelmingly positive for this event. They were very happy with the initial design and the event itself came off flawlessly. We’re proud of the way in which we were able to visualize the client’s vision and turn their initial concept into a crowd-pleasing reality.


When producing any event, we always identify our top 3 event objectives. Here they are for this Roaring Speakeasy.

Objective #1: Find a unique venue and add a theme.

The client had been celebrating at the same hotel for several years. They wanted a fresh, new, unique venue. They also wanted to include a theme, to break away from the stale format of previous parties.

Solution: Bright Ideas found the perfect venue – The Rocky Mountaineer Train Station, with big windows, brick and slate walls, steel beam architecture, and space to accommodate the client’s ambitious vision. It was the perfect setting for the elaborate décor of the Roaring Speakeasy and could accommodate a variety of theme and room options. In essence it was a blank canvas where one could visualize and create anything.

Objective #2: Transform the venue into two sections: the secret world of the Speakeasy and the glittering Golden Age.

We hoped to utilize the Speakeasy décor as a dividing element for the room

Solution: We had visualized our entire décor plan and it included stunning décor to separate the Roaring Twenties and the Speakeasy sections. The bouncer manning the brick wall connecting the entrance to the Speakeasy, made a huge impact and delivered an authentic touch.

The gambling and silent movies provided amusing diversions for guests and the lighting elements showcased the gala atmosphere of the Roaring Twenties’ theme décor.

Objective #3: Incorporate interactive theme elements into the event.

The client didn’t want people standing around all night being bored, as they had in the past.

Solution:  Games, costumes, and even the themed buffet stations were successful in getting guests involved in the event and mingling throughout the room. Approximately y 80% of guests dressed up for the theme. The casino was a popular entertainment option all evening and the tables were busy all night long.

Objective #4: Create a communications plan to deal with the strike happening at our venue.

Unionized employees of the Rocky Mountaineer rail tour company planned to picket our event. This meant that all guests would have to cross a picket line to enter the venue.

Solution:  The client emailed all guests in advance and made them aware of the situation. Fortunately, the majority of people were aware of the strike action, and chose to cross the line to attend the event.

We also suggested that a representative of their company stand outside the gate to be on hand for questions and assistance if need be.

Visualize Summary

The success of this event was due mainly to the fact that we could visualize our outcome. We knew exactly how the room would look weeks before the move in date.

We exceeded our clients’ (and guests’) expectations in light of a strike at the venue. The event was a truly customized celebration, with every aspect of the food and decor reflective of the theme. In addition, we found ways to incorporate sustainable, safe transportation choices, and popular interactive elements to entertain guests, a positive reflection on the client as a forward-thinking company in tune with the times.


Event Documentation

Photos: https://brightideasevents.com/project/the-great-gatsby-gala/

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